• What is valeology

    Valeology is an integrative science, closely related to medicine, psychology and philosophy. Quite often the question arises: why is it still allocated to a separate discipline? How does it differ from medicine and human hygiene? Meanwhile, according to the followers of this new direction, there is a fundamental difference. Medicine studies diseases and the patient, hygiene is the living conditions and environment of a person, and the subject of study of the course of valeology is a healthy person. Moreover, the emphasis is not on any impact on the person himself, but on his personal responsibility for his own health. Valeology is based on the principle of maximizing the use of all body reserves and maintaining the ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions at a high level. The implementation of this task takes place through the formation of a person’s installation on a healthy lifestyle, the study of the rules of hygiene and the fundamentals of environmental literacy. Despite their relative youth, valeology has already experienced a marked differentiation in the specificity of interests.General valeology, medical, age-related, professional, family, environmental, social, and pedagogical are distinguished. The pedagogicalvaleologystudying the issues of education and training of a person who is motivated for a healthy lifestyle. At the very beginning of the XXI century, attempts were made to introduce compulsory valeology lessons in schools. However, such changes were harshly criticized, and the subject was excluded from the main curriculum. The criticism was mainly caused by the lack of valeology. In addition, opponents of the introduction of this subject believe that too much has been brought into it from Eastern practices and religions, which is not suitable for the Russian mentality. butvaleologyRussia is still developing quite dynamically, accumulating its own scientific base and developing new methods.

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