• What kind of car to buy a novice driver?

    Irina Gromyak
    Irina Gromyak
    February 12, 2013
    What kind of car to buy a novice driver?

    So, your dream has come true. Driving license in your pocket, friends are already asking when will be the first exit to nature, but ... you do not have driving experience. First of all, you are wondering what kind of car to buy for a novice driver? Perhaps this issue would be solved more simply if everyone gave the same advice. Well no. Each “carrier” looks at this question in its own way and makes recommendations in its own way. How to be?

    Well? Go

    The new driver really faces a difficult task. After all, there are several factors that influence the decision on which car to choose: its price and the amount of money you are willing to invest in it; maintenance cost of your future car; fuel consumption - the more consumption, the more expensive the trip will cost you; dimensions of the vehicle and its body shape; routes you plan to ride. And to these factors one more is given: there is no driving experience.

    After weighing all the factors, and especially you need to take into account the latter, you need to decide which car to start. Take not very expensive car. There are statistics that motorists without experience often bring their cars for repair. The reasons are different: did not get into the garage, hooked curb or another car. To repair you did not cost too much, it is better to take a cheaper car. Your driving mistakes will hit your pocket, so choose a small car for yourself. When you have a driving experience, then change to the one that you like best.

    The statistics says that the majority of newcomers who get behind the wheel, make an accident. Considering this information, take care of your life and health. Check if there are all seat belts, airbags. Take your car for inspection to the diagnostic center. There he will check the brakes, say what parts you need to replace. After all, beginners do not have the skills to build a car and it is difficult for them to understand its mechanism. Externally, your car may seem quite normal, and then it turns out that you have to do a lot of changes under the hood.

    Do not feel sorry for the diagnosis, it will pay off. You will save a lot more if it turns out from the very beginning that you slipped a poor quality car. If you go through the stages of diagnosis, then soon you will be able to give advice to your friends which car to choose the novice driver.

    Now you know which machine to start with.

    Many novice drivers, just sitting behind the wheel, immediately become extremals. They sink the gas pedal to the floor on a flat track, not knowing what the consequences might be. Such road users are a threat not only to themselves, but also to those around them. To drive at high speed, you need a good foreign car. Therefore, in order to learn how to drive well, buy not a domestic car, but an inexpensive foreign car. Choose a car with low fuel consumption, because from the beginning you will want to ride it around, even to the store, which you used to run on foot.

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