• What kind of women do men prefer?

    What kind of women do men prefer?What kind of women do men prefer? Give up the idea that the opposite sex should not have their own preferences. Look at yourself - you also have it; something you like, but something you do not carry. It should be so. This is normal: how many people - so many tastes. And the more you communicate with different people, the higher the likelihood that some of your features will seem attractive and will cause the emergence of serious relationships.


    Be the kind of person that God intended you to be. Develop your versatility. Understand: to attract men, it is not necessary to be a beauty queen. But your opportunities will expand if you begin to monitor your health and body shape. A healthy look is much more convincing than matching an ideal image. He says that man is full of life. A healthy appearance will allow you to be yourself - the way God designed you. This is true for both men and women. Is it possible to expect from a partner that he will not pay attention to your painful look,bad habits or a messy lifestyle? It is unlikely that a partner will coo over you like a mommy over a baby.


    Compare two people - which one is the nicer one for you? One is in good physical shape, has many-sided interests and hobbies, cares about other people. The second is an inaccurate bummer, who is not interested in much - but he lives in his imaginary world in which he drives women crazy. Let's look at things realistically.


    What kind of women do men prefer? You should not complain that all men and women show selectivity and seek to find in a partner those qualities that attract them. You are no different from them. But do not buy into the image of advertising characters, do not assume that you must match the fashionable pattern. It is amazing how many women are concerned about their appearance - and most of the time they worry about what men never pay attention to.

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