• Which milk is better?

    Among food products of animal origin, milk has a special place. This product contains amino acids, milk sugar, fat, vitamins and minerals. All these substances make it a necessary food. Man uses the milk of a cow, goat, camel, buffalo, mare. If we talk about which milk is better, then the first place for its use in medical nutrition is cow's milk.

    Cow's milk

    We use milk constantly in everyday life. It is necessary in order to boil porridge, make pancakes, we drink coffee and tea with milk. With the advent of coffee machines, you can make a cappuccino at home. And which milk is better for cappuccino? It is believed that for him the best is the usual fresh milk, it should not be boiled, otherwise it will not have the necessary sweet taste.

    The composition contains up to three percent casein, which is present in it not in its free form, but in a compound with calcium. When the milk turns sour, casein coagulates and precipitates in the form of a curd.Due to the mineral substances in its composition, it has a beneficial effect on the human body, for example, prevents fatty damage to the liver. And lecithin contained in milk reduces cholesterol and increases the body's resistance to toxic substances. Also, lecithin contributes to the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells.

    The main strength of milk lies in its powerful biological force, which is provided by the complexes of all its components, which are in natural milk. Therefore, if the reader is interested in the question of which milk is better to buy, the answer will be unequivocal - of course, natural. Even if you can buy non-powdered milk in a store, it passes through multiple processing, it is processed and there are practically no useful properties in such a product.

    Goat milk

    The benefits of goat milk were known in ancient times. Avicenna himself wrote about him, he believed that it was the most “balanced”. To increase its healing properties, it was boiled and various additives were added to it. For the treatment of catarrh, sesame, from dysentery, was added; sea pebbles and barley groats were added to it.Goat milk is very useful in diseases of the stomach, anemia and diathesis. If you are wondering which goat milk is better, then freshly goat milk has bactericidal properties. Due to biologically active substances it is stored longer than cow, it can not sour for three days, being at room temperature. The high content of potassium in goat milk has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system of the body, and the presence of cobalt controls the body's metabolic processes.

    Milk for baby

    Milk is an indispensable product for children's diets. Many mothers think about what milk is best for the baby. No one doubts that during the first year of a child’s life, the best milk is maternal. It is not only a source of necessary nutrients needed by the child’s body, but also contains the necessary amount of biologically active substances that have protective properties, affect growth and form the immune system. By its qualities, maternal in many respects surpasses cow's and goat's milk.If we compare which milk is better for children - goat or cow, the advantage will be on the side of goat milk. In recent years, babies do not tolerate cow's milk.

    Studies have shown that for children who do not tolerate such milk, goat milk, which is more reminiscent of mother milk, becomes an alternative. There is no protein in goat's milk that causes allergies in children. But, breast milk has always been and remains beyond any competition. Generally speaking, what kind of milk is good, then naturally you can say - natural, regardless of whether it is cow or goat.

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