• What or what: how to?

    November 17, 2014
    What or what: how to?

    In everyday communication, we often use the word "what." “What do you want?” “What did you come from?” But in the books they usually write “what”. “What are you doing?” “What do you need?” So “what” or “what” - how is it right? We will tell about it in this note.

    "What" and "what"

    In fact, both words have the right to exist, but “what” is really a sign of colloquial speech. Yes, and in a conversation this word is not always appropriate - if a friend can still say, “What are you doing?” ? And in general, in most cases “what” is a sign of the speaker’s not too high culture (unless a person uses this word intentionally to joke).

    However, in certain situations “what” can be quite competently applied in official conversation or literature. We are talking about cases where "what" is the word "what" in the genitive case. "What are you waiting for? - The miracle. “What do you demand from me?” - Justice.Usually “what” in the genitive case is used with intransitive verbs, which most often denote movement and position in space, physical and moral condition.

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