• What do people need?

    All people are different, but each of us constantly seeks to find and surround ourselves with people close in spirit. There are many sciences focused on the study of humanity, and many of them are wondering: what do people need? Do all people need the same thing?

    We all understand that at different ages a person needs more things and less needs others. For example, a human baby is absolutely not adapted to independent living. And for a long time in need of care and protection. But in this article we will talk about what people need in general, regardless of age, that is, throughout their lives.

    Human needs

    • We all have physiological needs. If some of them are not satisfied, then the person will die. These include the need for food and water in the air. This may also include the general condition of the human body - its health. After all, when you are sick, nothing is more important than a cure. There are also physiological needs, without the satisfaction of which, a person can live, but will not feel happily and well enough, for example, sexual desire.
    • In addition, it is important for each of us to feel secure.Have enough space to live. Meeting the need for security is very important. To this can be attributed the need for your own home, for comfort and stability, as well as more global things, for example, the situation in the country.
    • To the extent that a person and society are inseparable, each of us needs communication, love, and public relations. People make friends, families, because they need attention, and someone to whom they can devote themselves, with whom they can work together to achieve some goals.
    • The need for respect and recognition, success and career growth.
    • The need for development and self-realization. This may include the desire to learn, learn new things, research. As well as self-realization, self-development.

    All of the above needs are intertwined with each other. Different people have different needs. Modern society is working for its own benefit, and the list of what a person needs is growing and growing. Everything that is produced by society is aimed at improving the quality of life of people, but by no means all, but only those who can afford it.

    Many will say: "What is physiology? Spiritual needs are much more important in modern times!". But this is only because they are fine in this regard: there is food, there is a roof over your head, a warm bed. But, even in our modern world, there are people in need. In our world, enough pain and grief. Take, for example, people starving in Africa who have lost their homes due to natural disasters or military actions. Millions of children are deprived of families and homes, many people are on the verge of death for various reasons.

    Each of us has the power to change this world for the better, thereby satisfying one of our needs: caring for others, participation in public life. A person who helps those in need is not always rich or selfless. They can be anyone. For example, enrolling in volunteers.

    What do people who have suffered in an emergency need?

    People who have lost their homes and property will benefit from any help:

    • clothing
    • Footwear
    • Food and water
    • Shelter
    • Devices for building fires, for example, camping gas stoves.

    The importance of certain things will change from what happened, at what time of year, and in what area the emergency occurred.Questions regarding the restoration of housing fall on the state. However, lately, people are increasingly turning to property insurance. In any case, if you have things that you are ready to give to the needy, then you can always find a local fund that collects things for such needy people.

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