• What pills to drink to get pregnant?

    Oksana Logunova
    Oksana Logunova
    February 18, 2013
    What pills to drink to get pregnant?

    Unfortunately, many couples are faced with such a problem as the inability to conceive a child. And the most correct decision is to consult a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will prescribe a proper treatment and advise which pills to drink to get pregnant. As a rule, in addition to specific treatment, multivitamin preparations are prescribed.

    Proper nutrition has a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole, and on the reproductive ability as well. Vegetables, fruits and greens - are natural sources of vitamins. Add them to your daily diet to the maximum, and you may not need to take multivitamins.

    Vitamin B9

    When planning a pregnancy and in the first trimester, vitamin B 9 plays a key role. Folic acid (another name for the vitamin) is found in large quantities in green vegetables. These are spinach, onions, peas, asparagus, beans, broccoli.Citrus, walnuts and peaches are rich in this vitamin. It is also worth paying attention to cottage cheese, cheese, cod liver, beef liver.

    Experts advise to cook food for a couple. This is necessary to preserve the vitamin. With another method of cooking, folic acid is destroyed to 85%. In the day of this vitamin you need 400mkg. With food, getting that amount of vitamin is extremely difficult. Therefore, when the doctor is asked what pills are needed to get pregnant, the doctor prescribes drugs with folic acid.

    If the vitamin complex did not help, the doctor will order an examination to help determine the cause. Possible causes include:

    1. Underdevelopment of the genitals
    2. Infections occurring in latent form
    3. Spouse has slow sperm motility

    Be sure to pass the test for ovulation and passing the necessary tests.


    If the doctor determines the lack of female sex hormone, then drugs are prescribed derivatives of progesterone. This hormone is also called the pregnancy hormone. This drug is of both natural origin (made from the leaves of the Dioscorea plant) and artificially synthesized.The drugs "Duphaston" and "Utrozhestan" are analogous to progesterone, which is produced by the female body.

    You must understand that you can not take hormones yourself. Treatment must be prescribed only by a doctor. Since progesterone has a number of side effects (with self-medication):

    1. Weakness, drowsiness, spleen
    2. Nervous breakdown (no reason)

    The common name for these effects is premenstrual syndrome.

    Proper treatment gives a good result. And very soon you will find out that the pregnancy test is positive. Now you know which pills for pregnancy to take. We hope that our article will be useful to you. We wish you good luck and health.

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