• What products is chrome?

    Anna Ivanova
    Anna Ivanova
    February 15, 2013
    What products is chrome?

    Often, when we start having health problems, we remember about trace elements. Namely, their quantity in our food. One of the essential microelements for our body is chromium. In what products it contains, not many people know it, but its benefit to man is great.

    The benefits and effects of chromium

    Among the merits of chromium it is worth noting the following:

    • It helps reduce the level of sugar in the body;
    • increases metabolism;
    • reduces cravings for sweets;
    • fights hypertension;
    • reduces headache;
    • promotes bone buildup;
    • helps to burn excess fat and process it into muscle mass;
    • reduces the need for insulin;
    • DNA synthesis and human hormones depend on it.

    If an insufficient amount of chromium enters the body, acne and inflammation on the skin often occur, unreasonable anxiety appears, fatigue quickly occurs, tissue regeneration and growth decrease, and blood cholesterol level rises. To normalize the amount of this microcell, you need to monitor the food consumed.First of all, products containing chrome - cheese, bread, jacket potatoes.


    Unfortunately, chromium is found in foods in very small concentrations. For this reason, with normal nutrition, a person is soon waiting for the lack of this trace element. To improve the situation a little bit, you need to forget about the wrong and monotonous diet. The daily body's need for chromium is about 150-200 micrograms. To get this amount of trace elements you need to eat the following products:

    • Brazil nut - 100 mcg per 100 g of product
    • Dried dates - 29 µg / 100 g
    • Pear - 27 mcg / 100 g
    • Tomatoes - 19 mcg / 100 g
    • Champignons - 17 µg / 100 g
    • Broccoli - 16 µg / 100 g
    • Nasturtium (water cress) - 16 µg / 100 g
    • Brussels Sprouts - 14 µg / 100 g
    • Onions - 14 µg / 100 g
    • Cucumber - 14 µg / 100 g
    • Mac - 12 mcg / 100 g
    • Hazelnut - 12 µg / 100 g

    Chromium-containing foods also include beef liver, chicken, unpolished grits, rye flour, plums, eggs, cherries, blueberries and beets. Knowing what foods contain chromium, you can create a balanced menu that allows you to control the level of this trace element in the body.

    It should also be remembered that the most valuable unpurified products, as well as those that have passed the minimum stage of thermal or mechanical processing.As we see, chromium is an indispensable and very important trace element necessary for the full functioning of the human body. Therefore, the consumption of products rich in chromium is extremely important. It's time to start thinking about your health. Remember that a person consists of what he eats.

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