• What program for recording discs?

    Programs for recording discs are being used less and less now, but they have not completely lost their relevance. For example, to make a gift CD with your favorite music or the best moments is original and will surely appeal to relatives and close people. What program for recording discs is most often used, and which one is preferred?

    It is not too expensive, because it is not difficult to record information at home if there is a special program on your computer. And it is not necessary to purchase it in specialized stores, you can simply download a program for recording discs from the Internet.

    Of course, there are many such programs. The simplest among them is Nero Free, with which you can, in addition to recording discs, also copy them. You can download it.

    BurnAware Free Program

    If Nero Free is considered by many to be outdated, then BurnAware Free is considered the simplest among the newest programs. She step by step helps to easily burn or create a disc.Initially, it was impossible to copy with it, but in the latest version this feature has already appeared among the functions. You can also clone discs, burn images using additional tools to create copies of CD and DVD discs with information of any nature (photos, documents, games, music, movies). To download this program, go to.

    Small CD-Writer

    The proverb says: "The spool is small and expensive." These words can be attributed to the program Small CD-Writer. It does not require installation, but allows you to burn discs, view all sessions and extract files from them. Simplicity in circulation only adds pluses. Just . Using the multisession mode on a CD-RW or DVD-RW, you can record information from any other computer to the same disc.

    CDBurnerXP program

    More advanced users will find a program for themselves. This is the official site. CDBurnerXP has great functionality. With its help it is possible to record discs of any format, of course, copy, and also work with multisession and rewritable discs. The interface is multilingual and includes, in addition to the Russian language, Ukrainian.

    ImgBurn program

    ImgBurn has ample opportunities for recording discs, go to download. With each new version of the program more and more improved. If earlier users complained about the complex and confusing interface, now it turned into a virtue. The positive features also include a small amount (up to 2 MB), automatic setting of parameters that are optimal for recording, correct transition from one layer to another (when recording double-layer DVDs), changing the recording speed depending on the type of disc. The program is universal for all versions of Windows, supports three dozen languages, including Russian and Ukrainian.

    InfraRecorder program

    Elder among the programs for recording discs called InfraRecorder. Popular for a long time, it is still in demand because it has the capabilities to work with different types of discs, including dual-layer CD / DVD. There is still no possibility of recording on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs, and the interface is not very beautiful. And yet its longevity, this program deserves attention. You can download by going to.

    The answer to the question of which program for recording discs is the most optimal does not exist at the present time.Each user selects it for themselves, based on the needs and capabilities.

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