• What question can I ask to ask ru?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    April 24, 2012
    What question can I ask to ask ru?

    Services like formspring.me and ask.ru are becoming an increasingly popular way of communication for young people. Let's see what question you can ask to ask poo and similar resources.

    The very concept of the service allows a person to ask any question that may be irrelevant in your everyday communication, and the optional anonymity allows you to ask questions of any nature at all with impunity. If a person has registered on such a questionnaire, then he wants to receive questions.

    Questions may be of a different nature. Some are good in those cases, if you want to get to know a person better, get to know him better. Some ask just a joke for the sake of cheering up or maintaining communication, communication. And, of course, they can't do without trolling.

    Questions for dating

    If you want to meet a girl - start with a simple one: ask if she has a boyfriend or girlfriend (well, anything can happen).Based on her answer, you will be able to assess your chances and her mood regarding new relationships. If a girl quickly replies that she does not have a young man, then she is quite inclined to a new relationship. In other cases, your affairs are more complicated. If you want to get to know the girl better - ask questions that are usually asked when communicating offline: what books she likes, reads at all, knows how to cook, whether she has a favorite dish, favorite music, favorite movies, etc. People like to talk about their tastes and preferences, and even more they like the approval of their tastes.

    Trick questions

    On asking ru you can ask a question with a trick. Check a person for cleverness with two simple questions:

    1. "Imagine you are participating in a running competition and suddenly you are ahead of the runner who is in second place. What place do you now have?"
      If a person answers that he is now the first - then he is absolutely wrong. He overtook the second runner and took his place, so he is now in second position. Most without any hesitation answers incorrectly, t.ch. hurry to poke the interlocutor’s nose into his inconsistency.
    2. "Take a thousand, add 40, now add another thousand. Add another 30, another 1000 + 20, plus a thousand and plus 10. What happened?"
      If a person answers that 5000, then he is categorically wrong, because the sum is 4100. You can safely poke the interlocutor into his brain dysfunction.

    Provocative questions

    If you want to troll an interlocutor, then you can ask a provocative question. It all depends on the specific circumstances, but the most successful may be issues related to a stormy party and temporary memory loss associated with excessive alcohol consumption. Particularly effective humiliating questions addressed to individuals with an unstable psyche.

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