• What should be the head?

    Head This word comes from two Russian words: hand and drive. Remember that in Russia in ancient times shrugged? Of course, trouble, problems. Therefore, they called the person responsible for the work of the entire enterprise or its separate division - the head. He must solve problems by collecting all the composite parts of production into a single process aimed at a single common result.

    If you feel the potential of a manager in yourself, then you need to know what a leader should be in order to develop the necessary qualities in yourself.

    Business qualities

    So, the manager must have complete knowledge of the entire production process that he controls. Best of all, if there is a description of it on paper. It is necessary several times to go through the production of "legs", and meet people, to grasp the subtleties of the process. And do so as often as you need for a full study of the case.

    The leader must be able to set clear goals for subordinates.Any management begins with setting goals, with the definition of "where we go." This direction is called the "mission of the company." You, as a manager, will need to formulate it. And then you decide how to get to this goal, that is, determine the strategy of the enterprise. You have to imagine it very brightly. This is the talent of the manager.

    Personal qualities

    When you think about what a leader should be, be sure to remember the ability of a leader to lead people. Leadership should be in every leader. Your words should remain not only in the minds, but also in the hearts of subordinates. Only then, employees will carry out projects in their heads not only from 9 to 18, they will come up with brilliant ideas not only from Monday to Friday. Develop leadership skills, oratory, the ability to argue and defend their current vision, quickly find and lead arguments.

    The manager must have a very good memory. Imagine a situation where the director gave the assignment to his subordinates, then began to ask something completely different, or, in general, did not ask anything.No authority and respect, such a director will never use. It is necessary to develop memory and attention in any position in any profession, but it is threefold important for the manager to do this! During the day the director is a huge number of events, and they must be remembered.

    Business knowledge

    Life and development of the company does not happen by itself. Everything is built according to certain laws of economics and business. Also, the profession of a top manager has been studied and regulated by a science called “management”. To become a real leader, you have to go to study. MBA courses are very good in this regard. If you are not close to you, look on the Internet.

    Constantly engage in self-development! Remember that in business there is no concept of "standing still." If you understand that you are standing still, it means that you have been rolling back a long time ago. And your competitors will take advantage of this, do not hesitate! So, a real manager will never allow standing in his place neither his own, as a person, nor the whole company.

    This is not a complete story about what qualities a leader should possess. A director must understand people, their strengths and weaknesses, their needs, and signs of burnout.The leader should not be a psychologist, but a super-psychologist! He has to guess which motivation will be best for each person, individually, and, for the whole team, as a whole.

    And besides, the manager must necessarily know the basics of economics and accounting, otherwise any financier will take you as a student. If you asked the accountant to show you the profit for the month, then you can bring any of the three options for calculating this very profit. You will be able to understand exactly which version you brought, and how to read it? If an accountant is just lazy to explain it to you, this is one thing, but quite another - when an accountant is not at hand. So, study finance, economics, accounting, taxation, warehousing.

    Director - the face of the company

    And, at the end of the story, what should be the class teacher, that is, a high-class leader, it should be noted that the director is always in sight, he represents the company at various events, at negotiations, official bodies, etc. He should always be impeccably dressed, shod, he should always have a neat hairstyle, there are no smells, except for a good perfume, nails are well-groomed, no-nonsense cosmetics (if the director is a woman).

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