• What size are baby cots?

    Comfortable, high-quality and safe cribs are the most important acquisitions that we make when new little people appear in the family. Kids will spend a lot of time in them, especially in the first year of their lives, so it is important to take care not only of the bed to fit perfectly into the interior of the room, but also many other factors.

    What are the sizes of beds for children and how to determine what is needed in each individual case?

    If our mothers and grandmothers, if necessary, to buy a baby cot were limited in their choice to a single standard that existed, then modern young parents do not face such a rigid framework. A variety of models of cots for babies and older children is so great that you can easily find the necessary.

    Despite the size of the range, the standard dimensions of a sleeping bed in Ukraine are sizes 120 by 60 centimeters.But given the thickness of the slats, these dimensions increase to 128x68cm. European standards are somewhat different from domestic ones: 125 to 65 centimeters. If your choice is a high-quality wooden bed that should serve your child from birth to the time when you need to buy a teenage version, then you should prefer a bed with dimensions of 140 by 70cm.

    Bed features such as adjusting the position of the bottom, the presence of wheels or runners, a removable side wall, and others provide them with additional benefits, the convenience of which you will appreciate during operation.

    The dimensions of the crib transformer allow you to use it up to the age of seven. The length of a berth in it can increase up to 170 centimeters. Also in such models, it is possible to install and remove a changing table and chest of drawers with drawers for clothes or toys.

    For newborn babies, cradles can be an excellent solution. The size of the cradle crib is only 97x55 cm. The height can be any, depending on the specific model.

    Baby cots of various sizes you can find and cheaply buy on the website Tangle or other trading platforms on the Internet.Delivery of the selected product to Kiev or other cities will also not be a problem. If the price of a new product exceeds the existing budget for the purchase, consider the section of the catalog with used goods, which can often be ordered very cheaply.

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