• What swimwear will be fashionable in 2018?

    This woman begins to prepare for the summer immediately after the New Year. After all, there is so much to be done: put the body in order, think about the complete or partial change of the image, and, in the end, buy the most important thing - a swimsuit. Indeed, without this detail of the wardrobe is inconceivable rest by the warm sea. If you are one of those who prepare the cart in the winter, then we will be happy to tell you about the latest trends in the fashion world.

    Ready to rest!

    Every year the imagination of designers is more and more amazing. For the future season of summer 2018 they offer beach sets with an even greater range of shades and decor. All that your heart desires. So what will women flaunt on the beach?

    The first is to say about the current shades. One of the main trends is the contrast of black and white. In addition, most often on the podiums were seen sets of red, yellow, green, and instantly riveting silver and gold.

    Swimwear of nude color - beige, peach and powdery - are special.In order not to frighten those around with the illusion of a total lack of clothes, designers often decorate them with black inserts in the chest and waist.

    Now go to the models and styles.


    Love in this trend can be traced already for several seasons, and in the coming there will be no exception. High swimming trunks that hide the extra folds on the tummy, if any, or favorably emphasize a thin waist - a characteristic feature of the style.


    Bikinis, which appeared more than 70 years ago, are also again relevant.



    Retro models, as well as fashionable sports-chic options will be an excellent choice for active girls who like not only to lie lazily on the beach, but also play volleyball, actively splash in the sea and easily agree to extreme kinds of entertainment.

    Strings and straps woven in this case are welcome. And yet - high-quality materials, as is the case with things for professional swimmers.

    With prints

    They are easy to lose your head. After all, so many options can drive any woman crazy. The main thing - do not get lost. The usual geometry, intricate abstraction, animalistic drawings, floral motifs,ethnic variations. On such a small piece of cloth can sometimes fit a whole picture.

    Piece models

    In the summer season of 2018, deep, frank cuts on the chest, as well as asymmetrical in the waist area will be relevant in them. Décor in the form of bows, chains, ruffles and similar decorations are also in trend.

    Those who are not afraid to show delicious hips, can look at models with high cutouts.


    In addition to the time spent on the beach, there are plenty of leisure options. And they also need suitable clothing. Designers took care of this and presented cocktail swimsuits for girls. They are perfect for parties by the pool, walks on a yacht or dinner on the beach.

    From the usual sets they are distinguished by more expensive fabrics, exquisite decor and unusual design.

    With long sleeve

    Why not? Such a summer beach outfit came to us from the wardrobe of the surfers and will be an excellent choice for girls with fair skin and those who are too susceptible to direct sunlight.

    It can be piecework, and may consist of a closed top and panties, the model of which you can choose to your taste.Thus, you can look fashionable, even if you do not want for some reason to bare hands and stomach.


    They are suitable for both slender and full girls. Thanks to the original cut, such a swimsuit can hide flaws and highlight the advantages. For example, a broad band connecting the bust and panties will help to disguise a small tummy.

    For girls in the body, designers also sew additional accessories - beach skirts, which will cover full hips and make the image even more attractive.

    Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today. And when the rest in a hurry will look for beach sets in the high season, you will be fully armed to enjoy your vacation. Have a nice shopping!

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