• What should a manager know?

    One of the most popular professions of our time is the manager. From the English "manage" is translated as "manage." Consequently, the manager is none other than the manager, and he is a hired one. As one of the organizers of work in the company, the company, the manager oversees any area of ​​its activity. For example, a financial manager specializes in the management of financial resources, an office manager manages all office operations, including the need to address the issues of providing employees with material and technical resources. Let's see what a manager of any field should know?

    1. Scientific knowledge. In general, a good manager is not bad to navigate the basics of some sciences, which may be useful to him in his work, namely:
      • exact sciences (mathematical). First, most managers deal with numbers one way or another, for example, in forecasting. Secondly, it is these sciences that develop the logic that is so necessary for a manager and, in general, thinking and the work of the brain.
      • economic sciences.Micro- and macroeconomics, enterprise economics, etc. - all this is also necessary.
      • sociological sciences. So it turns out that there is no getting away from sociological factors. You may need to know the basics of PR. Moreover, it can help not only in moving up the career ladder, but also in life.
      • philosophical sciences. They can help you find non-standard solutions in different situations. All the same, any manager is faced with the tasks and the need to solve them as efficiently as possible. And the conversation is not about the meaning of life, but about such concepts as induction, deduction, the struggle of opposites and unity, and much more. This knowledge is very useful.
      • legal Each manager should be guided in the general principles of legislation.
      • specialized knowledge. This is the knowledge of the very industry in which the manager works.
    2. Of course, one does not need to be an erudite in everything, and it is impossible. Depending on the field of work, this or that area of ​​knowledge should be more developed. But the minimum base should be in the baggage of every manager of a good level.
    3. The next thing every manager needs to know is the goals of his company.The organization of their work and the work of subordinate people should be aimed at achieving these goals. Consequently, the manager should be able to plan and organize. In coordinating various tasks, it is important for the manager to carry out quality control of the work and, in case of deviations, correct the shortcomings. And it is important to remember that the manager should be able to motivate and properly stimulate people to more effectively achieve positive work results.
    4. Of course, the personal qualities of the manager are important: efficiency, organization, consistency, ambition, sociability, punctuality, etc.

    What the sales manager should know

    According to some reports, about a quarter of the vacancies in today's labor market belong to sales professionals. They have a very big responsibility for the success and image of the company, since it is they who work directly with customers: they provide goods and services. Company profit depends on them. Accordingly, there are some requirements that employers place on sales managers.

    So, the sales manager should know:

    1. various sales techniques.Ideally, if you have experience of similar work, and most importantly - the experience of successful sales.
    2. the specifics of the sphere in which he works, his market. Understand what customers like and potential customers want or can want.
    3. how to properly negotiate, how to find, establish and, most importantly, maintain contact with a new client. So competent speech and basic knowledge of psychology and, possibly, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) will be very useful.

    And remember that without such personal qualities as sociability, polite assertiveness, firmness of character, ability to persuade, faith in one’s own business, stress tolerance, charm, in the end, it is difficult to reach heights in this difficult profession.

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