• What time universities can apply?

    Rosa Simens
    Rosa Simens
    December 6, 2012
    What time universities can apply?

    Back in 2009, when enrollment began according to the results of the Unified State Exam (unified state exam), graduates could enroll in an unlimited number of higher educational institutions. This created confusion, endless queues at the offices of the selection committee, as well as its excessive overload. What time universities can apply? - applicants are often asked this question, because there have been changes in connection with such an overload.

    As a result, all subsequent years (from 2010 to 2012), applicants had the right to apply for only five universities and no more than three specialties in each of them. At the same time, you can simultaneously apply for both full-time and evening or correspondence courses.

    In 2012, changes were made for gold medalists, prize winners and other beneficiaries. So, they will be able to take advantage of their benefits in the form of a certificate of a gold medal or victory in the Olympiad only when they enroll in one university.The remaining four universities enrollment occurs on a general basis according to the results of the USE. It is worth noting that the certificate of victory is equivalent to 100 points EGE.

    The required list of documents is individual for each university, but most often it is:

    • passport;
    • certificate of the exam;
    • certificate;
    • Photo;
    • medical certificate;
    • additional documents (certificates, documents on benefits, if any).

    Since 2012, they can be submitted not only in person or by mail with a letter of receipt, but also via the Internet.

    Projects are considered annually to increase or decrease the number of Higher education institutions to which you can apply at the same time. From 2013 it is planned to reduce from five universities to three. But official confirmation of this has not yet been reported.

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