• What to bring from Germany?

    Vitaly Syroezhkin
    Vitaly Syroezhkin
    January 22, 2013
    What to bring from Germany?

    Germany is a very interesting country with its own customs, lots of attractions and culture. Arriving in Germany, it will be difficult to leave this country empty-handed without bringing gifts for their loved ones. It remains only to decide what to bring from Germany, so that there are no problems at customs and the presents were really liked by their future owners.

    Probably, it is not a secret to anyone that there are a lot of beer lovers in Germany, because it is the birthplace of this wonderful drink. If you wish, you can find a large number of souvenir beer mugs and other gifts associated with beer. This will be a great inexpensive gift for every lover of this drink.

    Fans of sweets will be delighted with the sweet souvenirs that the whole country is famous for. Of course, they will not be able to remind of Germany for a long time. But they will be extremely pleasant to the sweet tooth, and even to people who are neutral towards sweets.

    Every woman visiting Germany gets a unique opportunity to buy natural cosmetics from leading manufacturers. If in our country at every corner there is just a huge amount of fake and low-quality cosmetics, then in Germany in any store you will buy only certified natural products. Men can buy cosmetics for the gift of a beloved woman, and consultants in retail stores will always help make the right choice.

    What are the options

    Excellent souvenirs will be national Bavarian costumes, this acquisition will remind for many years of an unforgettable trip to the country of the best beer and centuries-old traditions. In fact, you can buy a huge amount of things and souvenirs that will not only come in handy in everyday life, but also make it brighter and more beautiful.

    Before you go to the store for shopping and gifts, you need to find out what can be brought from Germany and what is prohibited by law. Some things may not pass through customs, every tourist should know about this.

    You can take out almost any souvenirs and gifts from the country.Problems may arise with computer disks, which must be checked before the export by the relevant customs services. You can not export a large amount of alcohol, food, antiques and objects of cultural value. When exporting animals, foodstuffs and plants, it is necessary to submit to the quarantine service a certificate of vaccinations and a medical card. All this must be received in advance, otherwise export outside the country will be prohibited.

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