• What to buy in Egypt?

    Leaving on vacation in another country, we go first to have a rest: swim in the sea, relax on the beach, see interesting new places. Of course, I would like to leave something as a souvenir in addition to photos and bring gifts to loved ones. What to buy in Egypt, which would reflect the spirit of the country and later reminded of the trip:

    • Egypt has long been famous for papyrus - the very first progenitor of paper, which is as close as possible to its modern counterpart, because it also has a plant base and is made from fibers (for example, in Europe, parchment was used, which was made of leather). Papyrus are different in composition and of course the price, the simplest banana papyruses are quite fragile, but if you decide to save, just provide them with careful transportation and make sure that they do not hesitate.
    • Statues - Egypt is famous not only for its climate and hotels, but also for its rich culture. This is an ancient civilization, which had a very interesting and vibrant religion, namely religious symbols and figurines many bring as souvenirs. It can be statuettes of emperors, gods or animals, made in the characteristic Egyptian style.They are usually made of onyx or alabaster, but it is better to buy them from factories, not from trays.
    • Leather products - it can be souvenirs or jewelry made from the skin of animals living in this country: camels or crocodiles. Choosing a gift, make sure that the person is normally related to the skin, but you can accidentally give it to an animal rights advocate and you’ll have a scandal.
    • Tea - in Egypt, they drink tea from rose petals of karkade. If you like it or your loved ones will like it, then you can easily take it with a reserve, as it is lightweight and does not add much weight to the baggage.
    • Hookah - a hookah bought in Egypt may be radically different from its counterparts in Russia, you can choose the size you need, the number of tubes and, most importantly, all the accessories you need. Pay special attention to tobacco, only here you will find such an abundance of tastes and varieties.
    • Textiles - you can buy handkerchiefs that are worn in the desert to protect yourself from wind and sand, you will even be taught how to tie them. In Russia, these scarves are quite popular, but are used as neck, or for decorative purposes or for insulation.You can also buy a national costume, perhaps in everyday life it will not be useful to you (although who knows, maybe it will turn out to be extremely convenient), but you will surprise the guests with a spectacular way out.
    • What to buy in Egypt from food - of course, these are dates, you can find them in different variations: simple or in honey, but they are much tastier than those sold here, so you can bring them as a treat. You can also find fruits in season, and if you like them in the preliminary sample, then feel free to take them to your friends.
    • Coins of national currency, or old. If you have a familiar collector who requires all coins brought from different countries, this gift will be to his taste. The first can be exchanged for their currency (dollars, pounds or euros) in the bank, the second can be tried to find in the junk shop. In general, junk shops and pawnshops can be a source of interesting finds: antique jewelry, statuettes, and much more.

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