• What catch trout?

    Igor Gorbatyuk
    Igor Gorbatyuk
    December 25, 2012
    What catch trout?

    Trout is a noble fish that all fishermen catch with great pleasure. But, of course, before you go fishing, you should know what to catch trout, and how. After all, if you use, at all, the wrong bait or bait, then the chances of being caught will be greatly reduced. Now, we will tell you how to fish for trout on the pals, and on the lake.

    How to catch a trout on a platnik

    Trout fishing on platniki (water fishing) is very popular today. Catching this fish should be either in April or in September-October. In some cases, you can try to catch trout on the game in the summer, but this is not always the case. Depends on the bid itself. When choosing a reservoir, adhere to two important criteria:

    1. Find out if there are conditions for spinningists.
    2. Find out if there are trout in this reservoir, in general.

    If everything is clear with the second, as far as spinning is concerned, then you know, if there are no conditions, then such fishing will turn from pleasure into real hard labor.

    As for the gear on the platnic, then, they will be significantly different from the gear that you would need for "wild" fishing. Rod should be flexible, but durable. Length: 2.5 to 2.7 meters. Give your preference to inertia-free coils with four or more bearings. If we talk about fishing line, then use braided cord that can withstand up to 5 kilograms. And, in case the payer is clogged, then up to seven kilograms. As bait, it is common to use special spinners for up to six grams, and, also, wobblers up to 55 millimeters.

    Keep in mind that trout, most of all, love to swim in the middle of the pond and in its corners. If, in the reservoir there is a fencing net, then the trout, often, is next to it.

    What to catch lake trout

    In fact, the range of trout for lake trout is very extensive. The classic lure can be considered a dead fish, on a special planseyskoy tackle. The bait should be cast as far as possible, and then, gradually, reel the line.

    Of the baits made of metal, first of all, turn your attention to the oscillating lures "Mozzi", "Effzett" and "Toby".Very well shows itself in practice, rotating spinner "Mepps" number three. As for the direct rods, the recommendations are completely different. Every fisherman himself must determine the appropriate model for himself.

    Red worm, larvae, maggots, by the way, also fit in the role of nozzles. The hook must be very sharp, number four or five. Lower the hook to the bottom, and then, lift it up a little, and lead at the depth. Feeling bite, trap trout, and throw ashore. With this method, you will not need a float at all. Keta caviar may play the role of feeding. She has proved herself very well in many cases.

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