• What to consider when planning a wardrobe: 5 important nuances

    In order not to substitute a stool every time you need to get a blouse, and not to bend over small things on the lowest shelf, plan the cabinet according to your needs and wishes. We tell how to calculate the optimal dimensions of the cabinet, the width of the niches and the height of the offices for trousers and dresses.

    1. The size of the wardrobe

    The sliding wardrobe can be different width, height and depth. To accommodate two-door models, you will need a niche with a width of 100 to 200 cm, three-door models - from 150 to 300 cm, and four-door models - from 200 to 400 cm. The minimum width is 100 cm, as the compartment doors less than 50 cm are unstable.

    The standard cabinet depth is 60 cm. Consider that 10 cm will go to the sliding system - the useful area will be only 50 cm. For cabinets less than 40 cm there is a special pull-out system for clothes - keep in mind that things will fit much less.


    2. Optimal height of the rod

    The correct location of the roof rails and shelves - the key to convenient use of a wardrobe or dressing room.To store short items, use 2 bars above each other - the optimal distance between them is 80-100 cm. It is better to hang one rod for coats or long dresses at a height of 170-190 cm from the floor; if it is higher, you will need a special device for removing clothes. Trouser compartment should have a height of 120-130 cm.


    3. The height of the drawers and shelves

    It is most convenient to store underwear in drawers at the level of 1 m from the floor. Drawers and baskets do at a height not higher than 120 cm - otherwise it will be inconvenient to use them. The optimal opening between the shelves is 35–40 cm in height. Keep in mind that shoes, necklaces, bristles usually hold less things than regular shelves. For example, on them shoes can be placed in 2 rows or in boxes.


    4. Width of shelves and niches

    On the open shelves you can store clothes, bedding, books and dishes. For clothes, you can use long shelves (80–90 cm) - a partition should be provided for them, otherwise they will bend under the weight of the clothes. For heavy books and dishes, the shelf length should not exceed 80 cm. The most convenient width of the shelves is 50–60 cm: you will have two neat stacks of things.


    5. The location of the mirror

    Most often, in the wardrobes you can make a mirror one of the doors - this is a great opportunity for those who want to have a full-length mirror. The minimum width of the mirror should be 30–35 cm - in the smaller one you will see yourself only in parts. But the height at which to place it, determine, depending on your height, the optimal size - 170-200 cm.

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