• What to do at baptism?

    Angelina Ivanova
    Angelina Ivanova
    July 28, 2011
    What to do at baptism?

    There are seven sacraments in the Orthodox Church: baptism, communion, anointing, repentance, wedding, sacrament of the priesthood and the consecration. Yes, yes, baptism is one of the sacraments of the Church. Baptism is like a mystery of the spiritual birth of a person. During baptism, the saving grace of God affects the person in a mysterious way. In an unbaptized person, the soul is immortal, but its condition can be called passive, it does not have the necessary degree of freedom. At baptism, sins are removed from the soul of a person, including the original. It is considered that baptism is necessary for man for salvation. In his spiritual life after baptism, a person is able to achieve the kingdom of heaven. An adult who comes to God decides to be baptized. When he is worried before coming to church, he can be understood. And he not only can, but also needs to know what to do for baptism, how this sacrament happens.

    So how to prepare for baptism ...

    • Register in advance for baptism.
    • Be sure to learn how to do the sign of the cross.We put together the big, index and middle fingers, and press the ring and little finger to the palm. Put a sign on the forehead, then on the stomach, then on the right shoulder, on the left shoulder. By lowering your right hand at the end, you can make a bow.
    • Take a towel with you, a birth certificate (if you baptize a child).
    • A cross should be purchased (sometimes it is given at baptism in the temple, just the money that you donate to the sacrament goes to it).
    • Candles can be purchased at the church, you will be prompted there.
    • An adult does not need godparents.
    • It is impossible to be late for baptism, you can come before the appointed time.

    What to do at baptism ...

    • During the very baptism, the priest three times overshadows the believer with the sign of the cross, names him and asks God to be merciful to a person.
    • Usually occurs three times immersion in the font
    • If a baby is baptized, then after immersion a godfather of the same sex as the child takes a towel and prepares to accept his godfather.
    • Next on the person wears a cross.
    • Now the next sacrament is performed - chrismation. During the anointing by the consecrated World of the parts of the body to the baptized, gifts of the Holy Spirit are given, they strengthen it in the spiritual life.
    • Baptized three times bypasses the font.This is considered to be a sign of spiritual joy from being united with Christ in order to live forever in the Kingdom of Heaven.
    • The priest reads a passage from the letter of the Apostle Paul about baptism, as well as a passage from the Gospel of Matthew.
    • Only men enter the altar.

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