• What to do if you are jealous?

    Jealousy is pleasant ... Yes! She happens to be like this, in very small doses at the first stages of the relationship between a man and a woman. But then everything starts to seem not so fun. Quite the contrary. The first, as a rule, girls start asking questions about what to do if the guy is jealous. This is the most frequent variant of jealousy. But jealousy can catch up with a girl, and even a husband and wife who have been living together for a long time.

    Reasons for jealousy

    Jealousy in one of the spouses (or meeting a boyfriend and girlfriend) occurs for two reasons: lack of confidence in the partner or self-doubt. The first situation when the fact of treason is present, and no one hides it, we will not consider. But if you only had suspicions, you began to follow your beloved, read sms, mail, etc., then you should think. The reason for jealousy could be your insecurity, an understanding of the superiority of other people over you in beauty, well-groomedness, ability to communicate, to be the soul of the company and in many other things. That is why the man begins to think that he is being cheated! "But how not to change, if I,- he thinks, - wretched, scythe and lame! And it doesn�t matter that I was once loved the way I was, they just took it and fell out of love! � It�s even funny to look at such manifestations of jealousy from the outside, but you don�t wish to be inside jealous experiences to anyone!

    What to do with jealousy?

    To get started, work on yourself. Write on a piece of paper all your positive qualities, you can even exaggerate a little here, nothing terrible will happen. Read the list 3 times. So read 7 days, and this listing will make you sincerely believe that you are a bright unique personality, it is simply impossible not to love you! Then write a second list in which you specify everything you need to do to become even better. For example, go to aerobics classes, learn English, start a dog. Believe me, as soon as you begin to fulfill your plan in stages, you will have neither desire nor time for jealousy.

    If you decide what to do, if the girl is jealous of you to her friends, then you just need to show her that your communication with friends is to your advantage. Take her to your football training session, take her with you to watch the match at the club, introduce her to your friends and their wives. The problem will evaporate!

    But the most frequent appeals to family psychologists are caused by another issue.Adult women are interested in what to do if the husband is jealous. Experts recommend not to create and provoke situations in which his jealousy can flare up. The second rule - never make excuses and do not forgive beatings. If you linger somewhere, warn about it in advance. And all the time, increase the self-esteem of your spouse, praise him, he is in great need.

    And one more very important thing you need to do if your husband is jealous. Talk to him heart to heart. Tell us how scary you are to understand that there is no trust between you. Let him sincerely tell you what causes jealousy in him, what exactly your actions and words are. Share your thoughts on family happiness, say that only you and he are present in them. If necessary, conduct such conversations every time after outbursts of jealousy. Remember that a thought becomes habitual when it is repeated out loud 21 times!

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