• What to do on the plane during the flight?

    Today airplanes are the fastest and probably convenient means of moving over long distances. It seems that everything is nice, you do not have to shake for several hours in a row in a noisy and stuffy bus or languish in boredom on a train that will last three days, surmounting the same kilometers that the plane takes for several hours of flight.

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    But even in such a case it may happen that a full flight can be delayed for a day or even several, transplanting, long waiting and registration, and then the flight itself is exhausted, and they are forced to hate any kind of travel and travel in general.

    That is why you probably wondered more than once the question, what can you do on the plane? And what is still not worth doing, because at an altitude of 10 thousand to 12 thousand meters, whatever one may say, there are limitations. It is worth noting that most modern airlines often put forward their own list of rules and requirements, which are announced right before take-off.

    Still, it’s worth listening to them, because it is these recommendations that will help you quickly and safely reach your destination, without any unpleasant surprises.

    We collect correctly hand luggage

    It is important to remember that before the flight you must pass your luggage to the luggage compartment, these are the rules, so during the flight you will not have any access to it. That is why it is very important to pay special attention to collecting hand luggage, which will remain with you on board the ship.

    Hand luggage always has weight restrictions (usually 5-7 kg), but it also cannot be folded up in a row, there is a certain number of restrictions that the airline itself puts forward. You can read the full list of inadmissible items on the website of your airline, but every passenger should know the most common cases.

    You will be offered refreshments

    For example, you can hardly take someone with you to carry knives with you, but a sharp nail file or nail scissors can be taken away at customs, well, what if you decided to have a manicure on board.

    This also includes various liquids, especially alcohol.Do not worry, as soon as you take off, flight attendants will offer you tea, juices or alcoholic beverages to choose from. Take care of all electronic devices: laptop, tablet, phone, camera - all this is sure to put in hand luggage.

    When landing and taking off, it is forbidden to include gadgets, but during the flight you can safely enjoy watching your favorite movies or TV shows. To do this, pre-record everything you need on the device.

    What to do in the plane?

    It is very nice when during the flight you come across a sociable and cute neighbor, with whom you can just start a conversation, and maybe even play some mini-games that you also need to take along with you. It can be mini chess, backgammon, board game, scholar, and with the help of an ordinary leaf and pen you can play sea battle or points.

    There are always word games in cities, card games, so don’t forget to bring a pack with you. Thus, the flight passes unnoticed, you will not have time to look back, as the plane starts to land, and you will be asked to fasten your seat belts.

    If the neighbor does not contact, but persistently tries to sleep or is closed by headphones, then, of course, you should not impose your communication, but you will have to have fun alone.

    You can chat

    If the flight is long and the flight is more than 3 hours, then usually small screens are mounted in the backs of the front seats where you can watch movies, listen to music or play games. You can actively use your own gadgets, but do not forget to use headphones, because it is prohibited to interfere with other passengers.

    E-books are very helpful, they are light and thin, they do not interfere in hand luggage at all, but they allow you to download a large amount of information, they are not quickly discharged. Have you wanted to read any literature for a long time, but you still lacked any time for this? So here is a great opportunity to do this!

    On board the liner you are sure to be offered a snack and drink alcoholic beverages. The latter should be treated with special attention, since the effect of alcohol at a height changes and increases somewhat, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise, instead of a light amusement or a sweet lulling effect, you will run around the toilets.

    Remember that walking around the cabin while intoxicated irritates steel passengers and can be dangerous to your health.

    For those who suffer a very bad flight, it is better to stock up sleeping pills and soothing, perhaps this is the best way to spend your time on board.

    Sleep is a good solution.

    If you travel with children, be sure to ensure that they do not get bored and do not interfere with the rest of the passengers. Stock up on your favorite toys, bright books with color pictures, it is desirable to take with you a new toy or book, so that it aroused great interest in the child.

    What else to entertain yourself when films get bored and books are not read? Try origami, create a beautiful rose, a crane or an airplane, and then present your creation to the passenger or passenger you like. To do this, upload yourself some interesting lessons, stock up on paper and go!

    Take Toys for Children

    You can try to draw or write poetry, but not everyone can concentrate in a crowded place. Probably the most win-win option on an airplane is to try to fall asleep, because it is in a dream that time passes quickly and unnoticed, and at the end of the trip you feel fresh and vigorous. All the same helpers - books, favorite music, series and maybe some alcohol - will help you sleep.

    By the way, interestingly, some large airlines, because of high competition, offer their own methods, which, in their opinion, can entertain passengers.

    In one of them, the guides dressed in traditional outfits of the country to which the liner was heading, showed small theatrical performances, told about the customs and traditions of the country.

    In others, singers were invited, and in the third they arranged a bartender show with various alcoholic treats. What and how to entertain yourself - everyone chooses himself, the main thing is to follow all the rules and enjoy safe flight.

    Fly in airplanes with pleasure!

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