• What to do so that the cat does not gnaw the wires?

    Cats are real pets of families. They are sweet, sweet, and are considered among the best healers for stress and depression. But at the same time, these are very wayward pets, whose character and characteristics should be considered. One of their bad habits is wire gnawing. How to deal with it, tell you next.

    Fluffy pranksters

    Have you already found your pet with wires in its teeth, and even managed to change some of them? Then first, let's try to understand the reasons for this behavior:

    1. Pampering. In this, to a greater extent, the owners themselves are to blame. Hanging wires are very reminiscent of cats toys with which they used to play. Therefore, in this case, it is not at all from harm, but from the need for attention and entertainment.
    2. The need for solid food. If the kitten constantly receives soft food or natural food in the same form, it may look for a way to clean the teeth. Under natural conditions, representatives of the cat family often regale on hard food, thus, containing gums and teeth in order.If you find Fuzzy at home for property damage, he may be looking for a cleaning agent.
    3. Attractive smell. Observations of many owners say that cats choose from all the cords in the house those that belong to expensive equipment. There is an opinion that they are attracted by the smell of such devices.

    Seemingly innocuous prank behavior can bring significant harm, because we have gathered for you some useful tips how to stop such behavior:

    1. Wrap and clean. The first task is to make the wires as unlike toys as possible. To do this, they need to gently reel or lay along the baseboard, attaching special plastic clips. Headphones, chargers, hair dryers and other devices, it is desirable to hide in the cabinets, drawers or bags immediately after use. This will help quickly destroy the pet and add order to the house.
    2. Processing by special means. You can find it in pet stores and sprinkle wires. From folk remedies suitable lemon, aloe or lavender oil. The only "but" - processing needs to be updated periodically.
    3. Reflex. In fact, cats, especially small ones, may not understand why you are scolding them, because they are just busy playing.In order not to offend a fluffy friend and, at the same time, to protect the cords in your house from gnawing, you can try to develop a reflex in an animal. As soon as you notice him for making dirty tricks, pop or scare away with any other sound.

    After some time, the pet will begin to associate this occupation with something unpleasant, and will cease to go there to visit.

    Revision diet. Do not rush to scold, first make sure that you do everything right. Make sure that the diet of the cat is tough enough food, and it is as balanced as possible. Sometimes it requires the selection of vitamins with iron. Small kittens, which only have teeth erupting, sometimes need special chewable tablets containing beneficial substances and excellent massaging gums. These can also be used for adult animals in order to enrich the diet and wean from a bad habit.

    Home pets are full members of the family, requiring caring and affection. Pay attention to whether your cat has enough time spent with you. Perhaps the habit of gnawing wires is a banal boredom that pushes a pet to such actions.Give him your love, and he will always answer you in return.

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