• What to eat before training?

    Proper nutrition is one of the most important factors for effective exercise. There are many different opinions about what is before training. Someone thinks that you need to eat a lot, mostly protein food. Others believe that you need to eat quite a bit, but it is better to drink a lot. It is important to understand that food does not only function as a building material, but also provides energy for the body to cope with physical exertion. Therefore, it is extremely important to know the characteristics of nutrition before exercise. So, let's deal with this relevant topic for many.

    Why you should eat before training

    • Prevent a change in blood sugar levels. Low levels can lead to fatigue, decreased concentration, weakness in the muscles, and also dizziness.
    • Give muscles and ligaments energy for effective sports.
    • In order to avoid an acute feeling of hunger during exercise, which occurs especially under aerobic exercise.

    Proteins, fats and carbohydrates before exercise

    For effective training, it is important to remember that the body must receive a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and proteins. Fat is desirable to eliminate at all.

    Carbohydrates. Before training it is important to consume quite a lot of carbohydrates. They are needed for proper functioning of the muscles and brain. With physical activity, glycogen is burned extremely quickly, so it is important that the food before exercise consisted of about 60% of carbohydrate foods.

    Squirrels. During exercise, proteins are a source of amino acids for muscle work. It should be noted that immediately after class, protein synthesis dramatically increases, and hence the need for protein food. Therefore, it is important that the food containing proteins was both before and after training.

    Fat Fatty food significantly slows down the stomach, as well as the speed of digestion. Thus, the active consumption of fat before exercise can cause nausea and heaviness in the stomach. Therefore, you should eliminate the consumption of fat before exercise.

    How to eat before training

    Different foods need to be eaten at different times before you start training. Bulk foods such as meat, side dishes, bread, it is desirable to eat for an hour or two before you start the exercises. This is important for the stomach to digest food.A dense meal, such as cereal, cottage cheese, vegetables or fruit can be eaten for half an hour - an hour before training. This will save you from feeling hungry during the process.

    Immediately before exercise is not recommended. Since the digestive process will greatly interfere with physical activity.

    You can drink at any time, because the liquid practically does not interfere with the process of burning fat, on the contrary, helps it.

    What to eat before exercise

    So, now you know the basic rules that are important for choosing a menu before playing sports. Let's look at some products that will help you make the menu correctly.

    Low-fat poultry. Better fit chicken and turkey. Such meat is rich in proteins and protein, which is useful for muscle growth. You can also eat a small, low-fat steak. Not bad and the fish, any, except fried.

    Garnish fit any. It is best to choose rice, buckwheat or potatoes. They are an excellent source of carbohydrates, which is useful for energy balance.

    It is also useful to have an omelette from egg whites, cottage cheese, oatmeal. Such products will replenish your protein supply, as well as improve metabolic processes.

    In addition, you can eat fruits with low glucose - apple, pear, berries. They have a good effect on the digestive processes, as well as compensate for the lack of sugar in the blood. Fiber-rich foods can also include muesli, nuts, flakes, or raw vegetables.

    Before training it is recommended to drink a glass of strong black coffee or very strong green tea. It is useful for the secretion of epinephrine, which affects the process of mobilizing fat from fat cells, so that the body uses them as energy. So, you burn more fat, not glucose.

    In addition, you can drink milk, it is an excellent source of protein, as well as various juices, especially vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and nutrients, for the effective operation of many body systems. You should also drink at least three glasses of water a few hours before training, and two glasses an hour before the start of classes. It is useful for the effectiveness of metabolic processes in the body.

    So, in conclusion it is worth recalling a few basic rules for proper nutrition before exercise:

    • The last volume meal should be 2-3 hours before the start of training.
    • Food should not be fatty, but rather include carbohydrates and proteins.
    • The body needs a lot of fluid in order to cope with physical exertion, so do not forget about drinking.
    • If your workout is in the early morning, then the evening meal in such a case should be rich in complex carbohydrates, and in the morning you should get along with a small snack, fruit, milk are best suited for this.

    I hope, now you know what to eat before training, and correctly make a menu. Successful training!

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