• What to eat to grow?

    Many young people are concerned about growth. We need to know that girls grow up to 17-18 years old, and young men - up to 25. So, it’s not worth raising panic and doing expensive procedures that increase growth (and these have already been invented). You can simply support the body with proper nutrition, it will guarantee your health and good growth. And yet, you can do sports, such as volleyball, basketball. They have to constantly reach for the ball in a jump, it helps to straighten the spine and promotes growth. If you decide to do the right nutrition, then you should know what to eat to grow and develop properly.

    It is important to understand that growth is a process that is directly related to vitamin D, and it is produced in the body only in the open air under the sun. Therefore, your first rule - constantly walk on the street. And yet, it is necessary to get enough sleep, people grow up in a dream, this has been proved not only by popular wisdom, but also by doctors.

    Nutrition for growth

    Many people know what to eat to grow up and be a healthy person. But it would not be superfluous to repeat that nutrition should be varied. The first component of your diet is proteins.There are many varieties of them, and different products are contained in different products. Also, amino acids, minerals and vitamins are necessary for cell growth. It is very useful for growth to eat good quality eggs (preferably rustic), walnuts, milk. If you have the opportunity, then try to drink goat's milk, it is many times healthier and more nutritious, and it has much more trace elements. And another product recommended by doctors for the full nutrition of the body - red caviar. This is a heavy meal, so do not get carried away, the norm is 1-2 sandwiches with 15 g of caviar on each.

    An important item in the list of foods that you need to eat to grow is meat. Beef contains a lot of iron and protein, pork - protein and amino acids, rabbit and lamb - are easily digested. Chicken should be present in the diet 2-3 times a week on your table, it will saturate the body with lean proteins, it is useful if you have recently had a disease and the recovery process is underway.

    No wonder that the famous porridge was named Hercules, after the name of an ancient Greek hero, famous for his strength and article. Oatmeal is very necessary for a growing body, because it contains a lot of fiber and carbohydrates.Along with oatmeal it is necessary to eat buckwheat, rice and semolina. They contain a lot of potassium, calcium, magnesium, chromium, iron, phosphorus, almost all trace elements, vitamins A and the whole group B. And if fruit is added to cereals, they are truly priceless. Pay special attention to fish in your diet. It has a huge amount of phosphorus, and this is a component of bones, and nutrition for the brain. Many girls are interested in the question of what is to grow breasts. Do not grow breasts, what to eat? Doctors unequivocally answer this question - nothing special. Eat healthy, varied food, and do not listen to the cabbage myths! She is not at all the product that you need to eat, that the breast of young beauties has grown. Breast is a genetic issue. You can only pump up the pectoral muscles, and your chest will become flat, round and high.

    Boys also ask a similar question, what is to grow a member. The answer is the same: you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right and full, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol. And the rest will be done by nature and your genetic predisposition. And more than appointed by nature, he will not grow! But believe me, this is not the main thing in sex life!

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