• What to feed catfish?

    Anastasia Shostak
    Anastasia Shostak
    April 8, 2013
    What to feed catfish?

    The most popular inhabitants of aquariums are catfish. In order for your pets to please you and feel comfortable, they need to create a comfortable environment. Before you get yourself such fish, it is necessary to study their lifestyle. There are many varieties, the most popular are perestous, loricarium, armored, and armored soma.

    Types of catfish and their feeding

    1. Loricarid One rule - one species per tank. Since they can compete for food and shelter. Must be in the aquarium snags of domestic species of fruitful trees.
    2. Perestausye. We must ensure that they receive enough food. By themselves - peaceful. An aquarium for them should not be small. They actively destroy algae fouling.
    3. Carapace. They are cute and gregarious fish. They love the soft and sandy bottom. For them, a filter is necessary in the aquarium, since they destroy the remnants of uneaten food and strongly water up.
    4. Armored. Need a sandy ground. They eat live, vegetable and dry food.

    How to feed catfish can be read in any literature. Food for them can be bought at any pet store.Mostly finished feed produced in the form of pills that drown and immediately begin to soften. This is the most convenient type of food, as catfish are bottom fish and it is easier to take food from the ground. Nevertheless, each type of fish requires attention. If you have not only catfish live in the aquarium, but also other fish, then how to feed the aquarium catfish matters, since you need to feed them with 2 different types of food.

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