• What to fly to Egypt?

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    What to fly to Egypt?

    If you are going to rest in Egypt, you should take care of all the nuances in advance. Most tourists, in the confusion of collecting things, rarely wonder what to fly to Egypt. Meanwhile, you should seriously consider this. Indeed, in this way, it is possible to avoid many, sometimes even comical, situations.


    Particular attention should be paid to the choice of shoes, because if it is rubbed, then the flight is unlikely to seem comfortable. Therefore, it is better to leave the stud and the platform for the office, and for the flight to pick up something simpler. Firstly, a stud can easily get stuck in an escalator, and secondly, in such shoes it is not easy to keep balance in an airplane.

    Also note that the shoes without heels and platform should not be new, because it can easily rub the leg. Many immediately come to the mind of sneakers, but they are also not the best option for the aircraft, since on the way to landing, they will have to be removed more than once, and every time they untie the laces, it is quite a chore.�The best choice in this case would be shoes without laces for men, moccasins or ballet flats for women.


    When choosing clothes for flight, natural materials should be preferred because they allow the skin to breathe. In addition, it is recommended to abandon light colors, because during the flight anything can happen, for example, you can put a stain on coffee. And on dark clothes, few will notice it. Also do not forget about the problem of baggage loss In this case, you have to walk in one and clothes, until the bags are returned. In addition, it is not recommended to fly to Egypt in jeans, because they are extremely uncomfortable. The ideal option would be to wear leggings or sports pants. If you are going to rest in Egypt in the winter, then you arrive at the airport in warm clothes that can be easily removed in a bag. And if someone escorts you, then you can always give things to this person. However, in this case, you need to be sure that you will be met after the rest, and you can wear warm clothes at the airport. Also, some tourists take removable shoes with them, and at the airport they change shoes in the summer, and winter shoes are removed in a bag or given to the mourners.

    Considering what to wear in Egypt, it should be borne in mind that this is a Muslim country, so when you exit the plane, your clothes should not be defiant. It is recommended to abandon mini-skirts and open sweaters. It is better to have arms and shoulders closed, and a long skirt or trousers can be worn down. Generally, flying to rest in hot countries, should prefer windbreaker and autumn shoes. Now you know how to dress for flight to Egypt. And the flight will take place with maximum comfort, and will remain in your memory thanks to the sights of the country, and not uncomfortable clothes.

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