• Children are the flowers of life. Probably everyone came across this phrase. Is it so? Certainly from some point of view it is. Flowers are a symbol of youth, health, and most importantly, a symbol of the development of life and its prosperity. Children are unwittingly associated with flowers in the mind of man. Let's talk about very young children, namely about the same age. How can you please the baby on his first serious birthday. So:

    What to give a child for 1 year?

    When choosing a gift should take into account the most important factor - the factor of age. It must be remembered that the child does not single out in his consciousness that this is his holiday. Some children may even be frightened by the unexpected accumulation of friends of their parents and the holiday can only upset the child. In the first year of life, the child still does not fully speak, he can already walk and the child already understands adults perfectly. A child�s smile is emotional, not reflexive.

    The best birthday present for a child is a toy. A toy that corresponds to the level of its development. Here's what to give a child for 1 year.You can give something that is slightly ahead of its growth. A toy must be a new, unprecedented object or a whole set of different elements. Why so? The fact is that the child crosses the line in one year. By this time, he wakes up a real interest in the objects around him. Watching a child, you might think that this is not an interest, but a real hunger for knowledge. Everything that comes under the hand of the kid carries him for a long time and often falls into his mouth. This is a very healthy reaction to a new stimulus. The child has been exploring the world for a whole year, including through mother�s milk. Therefore, one should not expect from him new unexpected methods of processing incoming information. However, it should be noted that this behavior (sucking items) will soon disappear.

    We return to the gift. What will be best and most useful for the development of a child in the first year of life? The child learns to manipulate objects, therefore, as it seems to us, the best gift is a set of different objects. Balls, cubes, triangles, sticks and more. Any child designer can fully meet the needs of an actively growing baby.Various children's musical instruments that reproduce the sound when interacting with the kid with the buttons, will also pleasantly surprise your child. What can be offered to the girl? A set of children's dishes, where there are a large number of different devices, will take your child for a long time and he will really be delighted with the gift. Here's what to give a child for 1 year. Various printed children's editions with colorful pictures will delight the kid as much as the designer.

    The main thing to be remembered when organizing a celebration is that the child does not expect noisy parties, drinking alcohol and drunken fights. Your child's birthday is his holiday, so you need to make sure that he feels good. There is nothing bad in pleasing a child with something new, since the most important experience for a child, as well as for a person at any age, is a new experience. Knowing the world around, a child knows a lot about himself. And where to start raising a beautiful and healthy personality? Of course with myself. Treat your child with respect and give him love and attention every day, not just on holidays.

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