• What to give for the birth of a girl?

    Choosing a gift for a birthday, we strive to find something special and unusual, but the search for a gift for a newborn is a rare special case that does not fall under this rule. Due to the fact that the hero of the occasion, for obvious reasons, will not be able to appreciate the originality of the gift presented to her, in choosing it one must first of all be guided by considerations of practicality and expediency.

    At first glance, the problem of choosing such a useful and necessary gift seems easy to solve, but in fact it sometimes turns out that finding it is not so easy. If you, having gone shopping, have not been able to find a suitable gift for this occasion, use our following tips.

    What can you give a newborn girl

    Medal for a newborn

    Who is usually awarded a medal? Olympic champions, heroes, people who have reached certain heights in life. And your baby champion is already on the fact of his birth - barely born, he has already become a hero! The name is engraved on the medal with the name, date and time of birth, weight and height. The medal diameter is 6 cm. You can read more about such gifts here:

    A girl born in Moscow can be presented with this medal:

    Textile products

    The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to gifts for newborns - is, of course, a cot, stroller, blanket, diaper-padded jackets and other items of clothing. Well what can we say about this? Strollers and cots are not customary to give these days - the parents themselves (or grandparents) buy these things and choose them according to their taste and discretion. A mattress, a pillow and an envelope required for discharge from the maternity hospital are usually also purchased in advance by parents or next of kin, but blankets, towels, diapers, sliders, blouses, caps, hats and socks are not superfluous, so you can donate them in any ( naturally, in reasonable quantities. When buying such gifts for the birth of a girl, try to follow the following rules:

    • According to an unspoken tradition, clothes for girls should be made in white and pink colors, but if you think that donating a few children's things made in a single pink color is an obvious search, then dilute their palette with pale yellow, mint and light colors. lavender color.
    • All things intended for the newborn should be made exclusively from natural materials.
    • When buying things for a baby, stick to the golden rule, which says: “Better less, yes better!”. Instead of two cheap dubious quality blouses buy one, but really good, with smooth lines, smooth and soft seams, from natural materials.


    Children are always given toys, but toys for newborn babies should be special. Little girls do not give dolls and plush animals. The best gifts for the baby will be hand and hanging rattles; soft rubber toys (ducks, cats or dogs), designed for swimming; teething rings; educational mats; slingobus (wooden or silicone) and so popular now musical mobili, which hang over the crib.


    At the birth of a girl, you can give a set of children's tableware, a set of bottles and nipples, a drinking bowl, children's kitchen utensils (special small pots and saucepans) or a beautiful silver spoon (such a spoon is often presented as “first tooth”).

    Electrical appliances and other household appliances

    Nowadays, there is a mass of all kinds of household electrical appliances that can save a young mother from unnecessary trouble in caring for a baby. These include: an automatic baby food warmer, a blender steam cooker for making mashed potatoes, and an electric steam sterilizer for baby bottles. It will greatly facilitate mother's life and the baby monitor, which ensures her constant contact with the baby, and a small rechargeable night lamp, which is so convenient to use when you need to feed or swaddle the baby at night.

    Cute things

    Order from a good master the front knitted booties decorated with satin ribbons and pearl beads, or a funny hat for the first photo shoot. Buy as a gift a nice special photo album with a corresponding inscription on the cover (“I was born!”, “Diary of a young mother” or any other similar kind). If you order such a photo album from a master working in the scrapbooking technique, then your gift will be not only useful, but also unique.

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