• What to give mother in law?

    The mother of your beloved man, whom you would not be, and whom you would hardly love, would not put into him a part of your soul his mother, your mother-in-law. Leaving the conventional wisdom that the mother-in-law is always evil, and jokes on this topic, let's talk about what you can give your mother-in-law.

    The fact that at times between the two main women in the life of a man is not always understanding - this is a mutual problem. It is enough just to be as attentive and tactful as your husband’s mother, and the relationship will improve. One of these strategies, for smoothing sharp corners, if they exist between the daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law, is a properly planned gift strategy.

    What to give in-law: the factors of choice

    • The main factor is the age and appearance of the mother-in-law. If your mother-in-law looks young, closely watching her appearance and up to date with fashion trends, then find out her tastes and boldly give her her favorite exquisite perfume (as you know, there are not many favorite perfumes); fashion accessories, taking into account her style; a gift certificate for an appointment with an image-making stylist or beauty salon and other pleasant things to a woman's heart.
    • The second factor is the mother-in-law occupation.
      • If this is a business active lady, then a gift should correspond to her image: stylish jewelry, trend watch brands, stylish interior items.
      • For a housewife, home furnishings (pillows and bedspreads, curtains, murals, lamps) will be a pleasant gift; modern household appliances, facilitating her domestic work; Perhaps, if your mother-in-law is an active person, she will be happy to receive a laptop, in a pinch - a TV, etc.
      • For lovers of needlework, of course, accessories for your favorite needlework: high-quality accessories for sewing, expensive fabric, a multifunctional sewing or knitting machine, or trendy patterns. If she is a creative person, you can give her mother-in-law a set for a hobby that she hasn’t done yet, for example, a set for ceramics or painting on glass or fabric.
      • For lovers of cooking culinary masterpieces, there will always be sets, beautiful kitchenware, and modern kitchen wonder-appliances.
      • To dachnits who do not think of themselves without a country site, a chaise lounge, hammock, rocking chair, rare varieties of flowers and vegetable seeds will be a pleasant gift and the feeling that the daughter-in-law made a choice of gift with understanding and desire to please her mother-in-law.

    Take your time, talk to your husband, he knows the habits and tastes of his mother much better than you. If you have a good relationship with the mother-in-law, and you do not know what to give to the mother-in-law for the anniversary, talk to her, by chance trying to find out her wishes. A good gift for the mother-in-law for an anniversary can be a ticket, even if short-term, to a holiday home or abroad in the form of a shopping tour. After all, a woman at any age remains a woman, and a change of scenery and the opportunity to buy something new for yourself and your loved ones will surely lift your spirits not only for her, but also for you.

    A separate item can raise the question of what to give at the mother-in-law's wedding. You are just entering a new family and a lot depends on how your relationships with the mother-in-law develop from the very beginning. Try to find out her tastes, having consulted in advance with your future husband and those who know your future mother-in-law well. Your first gift should tell your mother-in-law that you respect her and appreciate her for giving you the opportunity to meet with your beloved. Let it be a small gift, but the main thing is that it reflects your feelings and sympathy.

    Feeling your sincere attention and care, the mother-in-law will answer you the same.

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