• What to give to the director?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    June 1, 2012
    What to give to the director?

    Soon the birthday of your beloved boss, and you and your colleagues have not even decided what to present to the director. Very well, if you know the director for a long time and already know all his preferences. And if the director is not so long ago in your team and you absolutely do not know what gift to present to him, then we advise you to read this article.

    When choosing a gift, your director needs to know the criteria the gift should meet:

    1. the gift should give the director only positive emotions;
    2. originality;
    3. creativity.

    What to give to the director of a woman

    A woman, even if she is a manager, is always pleased to receive attention signs from employees.

    Like any woman, the director of a woman can be presented with beautiful exquisite things and, of course, flowers. A good gift can be original items for the decor of an office or an apartment, for example, watches, figurines, vases, jewelry boxes. You can never go wrong with a gift if you present a picture.Painting does not lose its relevance. If you do not know what to give to the director of a woman, then a gift book is also a good option. Well, if your director is a big coffee lover, then why don't you give her a coffee maker? Do not buy intimate gifts and perfume, because you can not guess its taste.

    What to give to the director of a man

    The choice of a gift for the director is a very serious and responsible matter. We advise you to pay attention to the interests and habits of your director. If you have not yet decided what to present to the director of a man, then collection weapons (dirks, damask weapons, daggers, knives) will be a wonderful gift. Perhaps your director is an avid fisherman or a hunter - then spinning, tents, hunting uniforms or barbecues will come in handy.

    What can you give to the director to make a good impression and give him a lot of positive emotions? The answer is simple: give him an exclusive thing, while it can be insanely expensive, and maybe at a reasonable price, for example, a cup or a medal with the inscription "The best director." It is not necessary to give the director a man perfume, cosmetics, flowers.

    What can you give to the CEO

    Now a very large selection of gifts for the office. Painting or tapestry - a great gift for the CEO. You can donate a watch. An expensive stationery item, for example, a branded pen, will also please the CEO.

    What can you give to the school principal

    A school principal can be given a desktop organizer with a diary. This gift will definitely not be useless! Or donate a set of encyclopedias. Bulletin board - an unusual and necessary gift. And what else can you give to the school principal? Of course, souvenirs. Expensive wrist watches are a great gift option. An exotic plant (dwarf lemon, dwarf coffee tree, mandarin or orange) is a wonderful economical gift.

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