• What to make from beads?

    Products from beads are known since the times of ancient Egypt. The word comes from the Arabic "busra", which means beads with holes. In Russia, beads appeared thanks to MV Lomonosov, who founded its production in 1752. Beads received wide distribution in Russia only in the 19th century. Then the masters knew what to make from beads. They were decorated with interiors, furniture, salaries of icons. Then they began to decorate clothes, handbags, pouches, wallets, etc.

    What is needed for beadwork

    Before starting to weaving with beads, it is necessary to study simple recommendations:

    1. The work uses not only beads, but also its varieties - glass beads, pearls, beads.
    2. Beads are stored in different bags for ease of use.
    3. Crafts are woven on a fishing line, wire, kapron threads (No. 64), previously waxed.
    4. Looking for beaded needles or simple (No. 0, 1).
    5. Accessories will be required: fasteners (earrings for earrings), locks, stoppers, rings for beads.
    6. Side cutters, tweezers, small round nose pliers.
    7. Schemes and instructions, otherwise how to find out what can be made of beads?

    Simple beadwork

    Handmade products are popular because they are filled with individuality and uniqueness. This is exactly what can be made from beads. We suggest you start with a simple product - �a necklace of beads and a satin thread.�

    What to make from beads

    You will need: monophonic beads, a coil of satin ribbons (to match beads, or in contrast), bead fishing line, 20 pieces of fishing line tape, 4 beads ringlets, 4 piece beads. (any).

    Step-by-step instruction:

    1. Attach a fishing line on the ring for beads and secure it with a stopper.
    2. Using a needle, string the beads together in a row, one by one. The length of the thread should be 20 cm.
    3. Secure the end of the thread with a ring for beads and a stopper. You have a string of beads with a length of 20 cm and with rings on the ends.
    4. On the ring with the first thread, attach a new fishing line and fix it with a stopper, create a second thread.
    5. Repeat the process until you have 5 threads with beads attached together at the edges of the rings.
      What to make from beads
    6. Create by analogy the second such bundle (can be made from beads of a different color).
    7. Twist the two bundles together and fasten their rings with round pliers.
    8. Then we sew a satin ribbon along each edge of the beaded pigtail, so that it conceals the fastening of the beads to the ringlet.
    9. Consistently, in the knots of satin ribbon hide beads.

    This product is ready, now we learn what to make from biserapically difficult?

    Bead Earrings

    Earrings "baroque" will be a good addition to the necklace. Earrings are made in the same color scheme to complement the set to the necklace, or as a separate product.

    What to make from beads

    Work is performed on a thin metal wire for weaving. It will take 16 beads and a small amount of beads.

    Step-by-step instruction

    1. Take a piece of wire convenient for work (50 cm). Bend it in half - earrings will be symmetrical.
    2. We string a large bead, this is the center of our weaving. To the left and to the right of the bead we collect 4 beads each, fold the ends of the wire together and put another bead on top. Received the first ringlet.
    3. On top of the bead we dress a large bead. And again we part the wires in different directions. Starts to weave the right side.
    4. We collect 4 beads, 1 bead, 7 beads, 1 bead, 7 beads.
    5. Now from the last large bead we count down 3 beads and in 4 we enter the end of the wire on the left side and tighten it, it turns out to be a loop. Then three more beads and enter the end of the wire into the first bead of the fourth step.
    6. We perform steps 4-5 with the left side.
    7. We bring the ends of the wire together, on top of it we dress the bead and the bead. Now we put a bead on the right end of the wire and on the other hand enter the left end of the wire. It turns out that the wire on the left and right sides pass through the bead and change places.
    8. We put 5 beads on the right end of the wire and insert the wire on the right side of the fourth bead from the figure eight knot formed in step 4-5.
    9. We put on another bead and insert the end of the wire on the left side into the fourth bead of step 8. We have a loop that connects the center of the product and the sidewall.
    10. Repeat steps 8-9 with the left side of the product.
    11. On the left and right ends of the wire, we collect two beads each, join them together and put another on top, then pull both ends of the wire through the bead.
    12. Now you need to make a ring and add a fastener.

    These products are the simplest thing to make from beads. Collect experience and improve your skills.

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