• What to see in Kazan?

    You are going to visit relatives in Kazan, but this is the first time you will be in this city, so you do not want to sit in an apartment all day? For those who are used to being constantly on the move and learning a lot of new things, we offer a small list of interesting places in Kazan, where you can go for a few days traveling to this wonderful city.

    Main attractions

    What to see in Kazan? Consider the sights in order.

    Kazan Kremlin

    The entrance to the Kremlin through the Spasskaya Tower is absolutely free. Not far from the Spasskaya Tower is the Kul-Sharif Mosque - the largest mosque in Russia today. Tourists can admire the city from the observation deck of the mosque. Nearby you will find many souvenir shops, and the Annunciation Cathedral will be located to the right of the main road. Not far from the cathedral in the park stands a monument to the architects of the Kazan Kremlin - Ivan Shiryay and Postnik Yakovlev. There is such an interesting attraction - the famous Syuyumbike Tower, which is located near the Annunciation Cathedral.This is the only tower that survived the reign of the Khanate, and its upper part is rejected from the base by 1.8 meters. On the territory of the Kremlin you will also find the gallery "Khazine".

    Kremlevskaya street

    You can walk around the square on May 1, if you leave the Kremlin through the Spassky Gate. Nearby there will be the National Museum in the building of Gostiny Dvor. From the square on May 1 is the Kremlin street. You can walk down it and soon see the Peter and Paul Cathedral, which looks like a gingerbread house. You can visit him too. Walking down Kremlin Street, you will see many interesting things: the National Library, the Kazan Federal University, a monument to young Lenin. If you continue on down Universitetskaya Street, you will see a monument to chemist A. Butlerov and you will be taken to Freedom Square.

    Bauman Street

    What to see in Kazan yet? Bauman Street - the central pedestrian street of Kazan. You will see souvenir shops, in the summer on this street there are many artists, musicians and tourists. Not far away on the square there is the Koltso shopping center, where you can go to a cafe, buy something new and sit in a cozy cinema. If you walk a little ahead, you will see the Bell Tower of the Epiphany Cathedral, against the background of the building where tourists often take photos.In the "House of Tatar cooking" you can taste the national dishes of Tatar cuisine. Opposite him - the popular cafe "Tea House". There you can also enjoy the national Tatar food, only cheaper. Also on Bauman Street you can see and visit the bronze carriage of Catherine II, the Kachalov Theater and the Rodina shopping center.

    Freedom Square

    The main attraction of the square - the building of the theater and ballet them. M. Jalil. Also here is the building of the Kazan City Hall, the Big Concert Hall. S. Saydasheva, the building of the State Council and government agencies.

    "Palace" embankment and NCC "Kazan"

    Behind the building of the State Council, if you go through the square, you can see the NCC "Kazan". Inside this building you can visit exhibitions of contemporary artists and photographers. For NCC you can enjoy the view of the Kazanka. If you then go to the left, you can see the Palace of Farmers, and in front of it is a large 20-meter bronze tree, which is highlighted in green in the evenings. Near the Palace is the Kremlin. If you go around it and go to the Millennium Square, you can see the stadium and the circus building.

    Other entertainment

    What else can you see in Kazan if there is more time for walking? In addition to historical attractions, you can have fun in the water park "Riviera". It is the largest water park in Russia and one of the largest in Europe. If you go out of town, then you can visit the Raifsky Monastery of the Virgin of the Virgin. He is known for his icon of the Mother of God, which is considered to be miraculous, healing from blindness and other diseases. If you come to Kazan in the summer, you can visit the island-town Sviyazhsk. There are many attractions, including the wooden church of the XVI century. There is also a Bulgarian reserve, which is open daily from 8.00 to 17.00. The best time to visit is late spring and early autumn. Now you know what you can see in Kazan. We told you about the most significant, and you can easily find cozy cafes, beautiful shops and trendy clubs yourself!

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