• What to see in Yaroslavl?

    Yaroslavl is an ancient Russian city with an interesting history and architecture. He enters the “Golden Ring of Russia”, and his visit will surely remain in the memory of every tourist.

    Sights in the city will be typed on many excursions, so it is better to spend here a few days. Before tourists, the doors of conveniently located hotels are always open.

    Ancient monasteries and temples

    If you do not know what to see in Yaroslavl, then first of all you can go on an excursion to some church or monastery. There are a lot of them in the city, and they all deserve close attention.

    One of the magnificent symbols of Yaroslavl is the Church of Elijah the Prophet, rebuilt on the site of wooden churches several centuries ago. Landmark is striking in its grandeur. The white church is decorated with five green domes. On the one hand stands the bell tower, on the other - Rizopolozhensky limit. Interior decoration affects the abundance of paintings. It was made by artists in the 17th century, but is still in excellent condition.

    Another place worth visiting in the city is the Transfiguration Monastery, which appeared in the 12th century. For several centuries it remained the main cultural and economic center of Yaroslavl. It was here that a rare copy of the work "The Word of Igor's Regiment" was found, which received great fame. On the territory of the monastery, you can visit the cells of the monks of the 17th century and learn about their way of life. In addition, there is a protected area with art and historical museums of national importance.

    Tour of interesting places, you can continue on and visit:

    • Church of St. John Chrysostom,
    • Vladimirskaya Church
    • Tolgsky Monastery, where the icon of the Virgin Mary, works wonders.

    What to visit in Yaroslavl with children?

    If you go to Yaroslavl with children, you need to know what to see in this city with them. For children it will be an interesting and exciting event to visit the local planetarium named after Valentina Tereshkova. Nowhere will you see such a stunning starry sky as here. Adults and children can visit the Museum of Cosmonautics, as well as a cinema and a cafe.

    An unusual zoo near Smolensky Bor, where animals live in conditions as close as possible to their natural habitat, deserves special attention. With some species you can get to know better - feed, touch.

    Children and adults will enjoy a tour of the Museum "Music and Time", which presents interesting antiques: bells, watches, gramophones, all kinds of musical instruments. They can be taken in hand, they all work properly.

    Volzhskaya embankment

    Volzhskaya Embankment is a place worth seeing in Yaroslavl in winter and summer. It offers the most beautiful view of the Volga, there is a special place - the Arrow, where the Kotorosl River flows into the most important river of Russia. You can admire these beauties for a very long time. Not bad at the same time to visit the museums located nearby - the Museum of History of the city, "Music and Time", the State Art Museum.

    Every tourist discovers his Yaroslavl, but this city always remains one of the most beloved cities of Russia.

    The main attractions of the city are displayed on one of the banknotes.

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