• What to take on nature?

    Outside there is beautiful weather - a great excuse to leave the stuffy city for nature, enjoy the fresh air, birds singing and juicy kebabs. To make your holiday as successful as possible, you should plan every detail and not forget anything. So, what to take on nature for a good holiday?

    Things to sleep

    If you are planning an overnight stay, be sure to take a tent, sleeping bags and warm blankets.


    The food should be non-perishable and does not require special conditions for transportation (sausage, bread, processed cheese, mayonnaise, canned food, greens, fish and meat cuts in vacuum packaging, fruits and vegetables, washed beforehand, cookies, etc.). It is better to bring along blanks for salad and sandwiches, rather than ready meals. From pre-cut bread, sausage and vegetables, you can easily and quickly build light snacks. Throw mustard, ketchup and sauce in the basket, they are perfect for meat baked on the fire or fresh vegetables, and do not forget the salt and pepper. If you plan to make porridge on the fire, grab a pot and grits.

    Everything for frying meat

    Practically, no trip to nature is complete without kebabs, therefore, do not forget to check the presence of meat (pork or chicken, and for children you can grab sausages), firewood or an ax for cutting, coal, barbecue, grates, skewers, matches, paper or liquid for decay.


    Take all the necessary equipment for eating: a knife, a corkscrew, a bottle opener, plastic plates, glasses, spoons and forks, paper towels and wet wipes, a cutting board. Stock up with garbage bags to remove the remnants of your stay in nature.


    Stock up with plenty of liquid, you need regular tap water for washing hands and vegetables, as well as drinks for drinking: mineral water, juices, lemonade, compote, cold tea). It may be appropriate alcoholic beverages, do not forget to take into account the taste preferences of all members of the team. Take drinks in plastic packaging - it is easier and more durable.


    If you had a chance to go on holiday with children, think about what to take to nature from the inventory for games. Any ball, rackets, skipping rope, hoop, kite, soap bubbles, new book or coloring and other entertainment will do.Otherwise, the children quickly get bored and they will begin to ask home, which may slightly spoil your complete rest. Active pastime will be interesting and adults. Ball games in a big fun company - what could be more interesting !?


    Take a tablecloth for an improvised table, it is better to take more oilcloth and sitting carpets under the bottom. In case of rain, help rain, a large umbrella or canopy. You must have a first-aid kit with essential medicines, an insect repellent, a flashlight with a spare set of batteries, sunscreen and a headdress during the hot season. If you want to capture the bright moments of rest, do not forget the photo or video camera. Check for personal hygiene items (toothpaste, brush, towel, comb, change of clothes). If you are afraid of a cold snap, take warm clothes and a spare blanket with you.

    We offered you a list of what to take on nature, you just need to necessarily, the rest of things at your discretion. We wish you a pleasant stay in the fresh air. Take care of nature, and try not to leave behind a fire that is not extinguished or trash.

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