• What to wear with a tunic

    An excellent pair of tunic make up tight jeans or leggings. Indeed, thanks to the elongation and width, it is not only able to hide plump hips. The tunic also favorably emphasizes the length, slimness of the legs.
    Sleeveless tunic with woolen thread blends perfectly with a thin turtleneck. The latter can pick a contrasting tone or tone. A pair of such a tunic can make a blouse with a long sleeve.
    A tunic with shorts or a skirt will also look good. But at the same time choose a skirt narrow and short. For example, a trendy club option - a tunic with rivets in punk style in combination with a mini-skirt made of metallic fabric.
    If the tunic is long enough, you can wear it yourself. Such a thing is more like a dress. Supplement in the form of a belt is often very useful here. That's just such a tunic option is only suitable for the warm season.

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