• What will happen in the future?

    Man has always been and will be interested in what will happen in the future. On this interest, ancient divination rituals were based. By the way, fortune tellers were popular not only in the past, they are popular now. Man has always wanted to open a secret veil over what will happen in the future. Let's try to do the same today and analyze the opinions of scientists on what will happen in the future.

    Scientists forecasters

    This term originated in modern times, who calls specialists in predicting the future futurologists, who are forecasters, but the meaning is the same. On the basis of various analyzes and conclusions they deduce the concepts of what will happen in the future, both in the near and in the far. In 1999, the International Forecasting Academy was even established; it gathered under its roof the best forecasters. These specialists are headed by the Russian doctor of historical sciences Igor Bestuzhev-Lada. Moreover, a member of this academy can be anyone who writes at least one article with predictions. The International Academy created the Moscow branch, which also seeks to understand what the future depends on, but only in Russia.

    World forecast

    So, the opinions of futurologists differ from each other, but the general trends are still present, here they are. In the next century, the Earth faces a war for natural resources. Man will remain a consumer on the planet, so he will win back for himself more tidbits of the territory, where there are fertile soils, fish rivers, minerals, clean air and water. It is already clear that the civilization of money is leaving, futurologists consider. Financial crises, huge national debts of leading world powers are proof of this. Everything will change on Earth - people, natural complexes, religion, everything people are used to.

    Predictions for 100 years in directions

    The next very interesting forecast was made by predictors in the areas of human activity. It has a lot more realistic thoughts, it really deserves attention. The first direction is the resettlement of humanity into the ocean. Scientists predict the emergence of ocean farms, people in them will grow fish and plants to create food stocks. Communication - the second direction of the achievements of the future. Scientists promise penetration of electronic systems, even in the human brain.The most modern cell phone will be in 100 years - a real artifact. The third direction of progress encompasses the transmission of thoughts at a distance. If a person does not learn to do this, then a device for transmitting thoughts will definitely be created! And no longer hackers computers, and the roommate will be able to quietly “hack” the human brain. The main type of fuel will be sunlight and nuclear fuel, gasoline and gas will be a thing of the past, as will hazardous industries for their extraction. The following very interesting direction of the future will make a person immortal. Each chip is entered, which will receive signals from the body about the violations, and immediately correct them. It will simply cure what is called “without departing from the cash register”. Money on Earth will be one, for the convenience of the global community. And people are so tired of working, that even rest in the resorts will not be fun. It is for these and environmental purposes that recreational complexes in the Antarctic will be created. The next direction of human development is very difficult to call development. Homosexuals will receive equal family rights with all and will raise and raise children.And how not to believe these predictions in the light of the latest rulings in France on this subject? Up to 80% of marriages on Earth in 100 years will be same-sex. (Ugh, ugh! So that it won't come true!) And the last prediction worthy of our attention is the ability of a person to order the weather. People will learn to call and stop rain, snow, hail, wind and other delights of the heavenly office.

    Future of Russia

    Predictors also tell what awaits Russia in the future. Both Wanga and Duval believe that in the 30s-40s of the 21st century in Russia a new union of Slavic states and the greatness of the new power, like the USSR, will be born, even the USA recognize. A new religion will be born in the Slavic alliance, which will quite quickly take over the whole world and lead it to harmony and love. It is surprising Duval's prediction that in 2014 Russia will become the richest country in the world. And our scientists will invent a cure for old age. Soothsayers say, no matter what awaits Russia in the near future, it will lead the world and become a very prosperous country.

    Personal forecast

    What awaits me in the future - such a question is asked by many people, especially young ones.The answer here can be only one - will be with you what you yourself want. Never be a boss if you don’t want to study. You can never go to Tibet if you do not want to make money wisely and read and study a lot. You can never win a lottery by never buying lottery tickets. Build your own destiny, confidently go on your own way, try to clearly understand what you really need in life. And then you do not even need to go to the fortuneteller, look in horoscopes. You are your own astrologer, because it is in you that the spark around which the world revolves lies. Your world.

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