• What do you need for a wedding?

    There is no more romantic event than a wedding. Every young lady has been dreaming of her, in the opinion of many, since childhood. Often, it is. But the wedding is still - this is a complex in its structure and preparation event. In order for everything to go according to a predetermined plan, it is necessary to provide the entire list of things needed for a wedding. You can make it yourself, or entrust the organizers.

    First of all, you need to make all your wishes so that they are based on your capabilities.

    Wedding preparations

    • So, first, when the wedding preparations begin, what should you remember? Need to start with budgeting. Knowing exactly how much you can spend on a celebration, you can make a wedding plan.
    • Wedding can be conceptual, thematic. If you want your holiday was not just a collection of smart people, you can come up with a whole script. It can be a wedding, stylized under the Middle Ages, or biker, in the style of the 20s - yes, whatever! The main thing is that all expenses fit into your budget. And be sure to warn guests so that they can look appropriate.
    • You can also choose how you want the official part to go.Usually, the newlyweds undergo the registration procedure at the local registry office. Having submitted documents in advance and having waited 2 months, and in case of a bride's pregnancy - 1 month. But now they prefer to arrange a marriage without a ceremony, and arrange a holiday on another day. And the celebration itself can then be absolutely anything - before inviting an actor in a suit of an Indian chief for a wedding. After all, in any case, you are already a husband and wife.
    • Many prefer to get married in church. But in this case it is worth remembering that there is a yard of church holidays when the wedding ceremony is not held. Therefore, it is better to register a marriage and get married on different days. In this case, one of the essentials that you need to buy for a wedding will be hats. The amount of additional costs for wedding attributes - candles, choir, etc., depend on the church itself. In large cathedrals, they are usually higher.
    • Exit weddings have become extremely popular now. Usually they are carried out in nature in tents, or under sheds. If you want to arrange such a celebration, you can entrust it to special organizing companies. But if the budget does not allow you, what is needed for a wedding of this kind is to buy tents in advance in the store.You can find awnings online, and you can install the equipment and set the tables yourself, with the help of friends and relatives.
    • The most expected part of any wedding is, of course, a feast. In order for it to succeed, you need to choose a suitable restaurant. Ideally, a banquet should be ordered in the restaurant where you have often visited and know all the features of cuisine and service. If you do not have such a place, then ask your already married friends who have already gone through it.
    • In the restaurant, it is advisable to specify not only the number of guests, but also the opportunity to bring some products with you. How much alcohol is needed for a wedding depends on individual wishes, but usually it is quite a lot. Therefore, there is a reason to buy alcohol at a wholesale price and bring to a restaurant with you.
    • Order portions need hot and main dishes. Salads and slices should be ordered in a large dish and placed in different areas of the table for a change. It is also worth negotiating with the administration of the institution that after the banquet all the remaining dishes will be given to you in a plastic container.
    • In order for the wedding to be remembered as a fun holiday, and not an event full of worries, you should entrust its organization to someone else.This can be a specially hired person that will “hit” the budget. Or, the most common option is for someone from friends or relatives to do this.
    • Buy decorations for the hall and cars. Although many couples prefer to rent jewelry. It is cheaper and more profitable.
    • After you have decided all the organizational issues - the place and type of wedding, restaurant, date of the holiday, then the next stage - to invite guests. Invitations can be absolutely any - from e-mails, then cards. Typically, paper is created invitation card of any design indicating the place, date and type of celebration. It also indicates whether you can bring a satellite with you.

    Necessary for the bride

    • The first thing a bride needs for a wedding is, of course, a dress. His choice should be approached most responsibly, because an uncomfortable dress can spoil the whole holiday. To do this, you need not only to decide on the style and style of the dress, but also with convenience. The dress should not hamper movement, have unnecessarily long details, for example, a train. Since they will attack him all the time. You can buy the same dress anywhere - in the salon, on sales or in the online store.But be sure to try on a dress before buying.
    • Then you should choose rings. In the jewelry salon, or under the order. The style and type of ring can be absolutely anything. The main thing that you allowed your budget.
    • The second most important point in the appearance of the bride is the hair and makeup. For some time before the wedding, find the hair and the image that you want to see. Show the photo to the master in advance, otherwise something might not work out at the last moment. Makeup should be persistent, and at the same time look natural.
    • And the hairstyle itself should not cause problems, unnecessarily complex forms can lose their appearance during the whole celebration.

    Holding a wedding

    • Depending on the type of wedding, many are interested in whether witnesses are needed at the wedding. Officially, no. But they can be the organizers of the wedding and your main assistants. Often, all the worries about wedding fun lie on them.
    • Before the celebration itself, many couples practice the bride ransom ritual. This is both a tribute to traditions and incredible fun in which all relatives and neighbors participate.
    • During marriage registration, or from the very beginning - the arrival of the newlyweds, the photographer or cameraman begins to shoot.Of course, you can save money and ask your friends to take pictures and take pictures with a regular digital camera, but it’s worth remembering that a good professional captures your holiday in the best possible way.
    • Transportation is also a major attribute of the wedding. Here you can either rent a car or use the cars of your friends, asking them to become your drivers for a while.
    • At the celebration itself, you can both invite musicians and artists, think over the show program. But you can also do everything yourself - many of the friends have talents, let them make a surprise program consisting of contests and their numbers.

    Show your imagination and your celebration will be unforgettable.

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