• What you need to buy a woman after childbirth?

    The period immediately after the birth of the child is one of the most difficult in the life of the young mother: you need to properly care for the baby, get used to the new role of the mother, and at the same time the body needs to be restored and rest. Many do not have free time and energy, moreover, women often suffer from postpartum depression. In order to make life as easy as possible for mom in the first months after birth, and to help her, you need to prepare in advance, taking care of the health of the woman and child. Get the necessary things for this period: we will offer a small list of the most important ones that will be useful to everyone. Consider the products for the health and comfort of women in this period.


    The bandage for pregnant women needs to be purchased in the second and third trimester: it helps to keep the stomach in the correct position, fixes it, thereby supporting the normal development of the fetus, the location of internal organs, relieves back pain. It especially needs working women.A bandage is an auxiliary and preparatory tool, in some cases it may be necessary. The issue of wearing a bandage must be discussed with a gynecologist.

    Pillows for pregnant women

    Pillows for pregnant women are a versatile and very useful item: they are used during pregnancy in the last trimester to make it more comfortable to sleep, and in the first months after birth for convenient feeding of the baby. With such a pillow, you can sit comfortably on the bed and put it next to the baby. They are also folded in such a way that it is more convenient to put the child on the bed. An indispensable thing for almost all moms, which will be useful for a long time.

    Breast pump

    The breast pump helps to decant the milk in different situations: when it is too much, if the baby takes a bad breast, in the case when the mother is not at home, and the baby needs to be fed from a bottle. Therefore, a kit for a good breast pump should also be purchased bottle for the storage of mother's milk and a few good pacifiers.

    Nursing Bra

    Useful thing in the wardrobe of the mother along with the bandage.After childbirth, the breast becomes even bigger, it is constantly filled with fresh milk, it becomes heavy, therefore it is necessary to support it. This will ease mommy's condition and help avoid excessive stretching of the skin of the breast, so that in the future it can be easier to restore the former forms. Maternity bras have a comfortable shape: cups have pockets that allow you to release the breast for feeding when needed, and then quickly refill the fabric again.

    Hygiene products and cosmetics for young mothers and children

    The postnatal period certainly reflects on the figure of a woman: someone returns to the previous forms, someone loses weight, and someone gets fat. But stretch marks will certainly appear on any body, since the large stomach has disappeared before, and wrinkles, blemishes, etc. form on the excess skin. This unfortunate deficiency will be repaired. In the first months, women are not recommended to engage in physical training, as this is fraught with negative consequences for both her poor health and lactation. But already during this period, you can use cosmetics to restore the skin.In the shops in the departments for mothers you can find a lot of good remedies for stretch marks in the form of creams and gels - choose the right one for yourself. Sea buckthorn oil is considered useful: in addition to nourishing and moisturizing the skin, it restores the skin well and has healing properties.

    You also need to take care of breast health. To do this, you can buy "Bepanten" - cream from the cracks of the nipples, it does not need to be washed off before feeding. Use disposable pads for the chest. At night, at first, the young mother should use sanitary pads.

    For the baby, the following cosmetics are needed: foam and herbs for bathing, baby soap, baby balm and cream, powder, cotton swabs and wet wipes.

    First Aid Kit for mom and baby

    The first-aid kit provides the necessary minimum of funds that can be useful to everyone. It includes the following: vaseline oil, chlorofillipt, fukortsin, 20% albucidum, vapor pipe, pipette, iodine, brilliant green, activated carbon, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, glycerin-based laxatives.

    This minimum of useful and necessary funds should be purchased at the beginning of pregnancy or in the first months,so as not to waste time searching for suitable things: something will come in handy even during pregnancy, and something right after the birth. Take care of the amenities in advance!

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