• When is darsonval useful?

    The darsonvalization method (physiotherapeutic treatment with high-frequency currents) has long been used to improve appearance and health. Earlier for the procedure it was necessary to visit the office of a specialist (physiotherapist or cosmetologist). Currently, there is a unique opportunity to havedarsonval home appliance. Use of the devicedoes not require special training or the use of expensive components. A cosmetological and medical procedure does not take much time.

    Darsonvalization solves various skin problems, helps fight baldness and other hair diseases. The device also successfully treats many diseases of the peripheral nerves, muscle vessels, reduces pain syndromes, and improves overall health. The most characteristic effect of darsonvalization is the activation of microcirculation and arteriectasia (diffuse stationary or progressive expansion of the arterial bed and capillaries of the skin and subcutaneous fat), as well as the elimination of vascular spasm.Thanks to darsonvalization, there is an improvement in the activity of the venous system, a decrease in venous congestion and edema of the tissues, biochemical processes in the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue are activated, and their oxygen supply is increased.

    During the procedure, an intensive bactericidal effect and sterilization of pustular rashes and wounds is carried out. As a result, the protective properties of the skin become more effective, it is possible to raise its turgor, increase elasticity, slow down the development of wrinkles, and normalize the secretion of the sebaceous glands. The effect of high-frequency currents is aimed at activating the germ cells of the hair follicles and disinhibition of “sleeping” hair follicles, as well as contributing to structural changes in the hair.

    Cellulite causes a lot of trouble for women of different ages. Problems usually begin with a violation of microcirculation processes in the skin and subcutaneous fat. Thanks to the darsonvalization procedure, capillaries are expanded and venous stagnation is eliminated, blood circulation is activated, it is possible to effectively and safely eliminate cellulite, remove spider veins, reduce tissue swelling.Darsonvalization contributes to enhanced absorption of cosmetic skin protection products, improves muscle tone. Today, to solve many problems in medical practice and cosmetology, not only professional, but also home darsonval is successfully applied.

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