• When to dig up gladioli?

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    When to dig up gladioli?

    Gladiolus is a perennial plant with which many decorate their home territory. In order to admire the beauty of these flowers for more than one year, it is necessary to dig their bulbs out of the ground for the winter, then they need to be properly prepared and stored.

    When digging gladioli

    The decision on when to dig up gladioli should be made depending on a number of factors. First you need to take into account the flowering period of these plants. In order for the tubers to accumulate nutrients and gain strength, it will take at least 40 days after the inflorescences are cut. If you do not take into account this nuance, then the chances that the bulbs of gladioli will sprout next year will be minimized. If you have late varieties of gladioli, the ripening period of tubers will be about 2 months.

    It is also necessary to take into account the climate zone. Gladiolus digging in the autumn is necessary to frost. Each grower knows their approximate offensive in their region of residence, so it will not be difficult for him to determine the optimal time for digging bulbs.

    In addition, you need to pay attention to the color of gladioli. So, pale blue and dark red varieties need to be dug first. To rush here is necessary because their tubers are not very well protected from fungal diseases, which peak in the fall. Then you can start digging the remaining varieties of gladioli and prepare them for wintering.

    How to dig gladiolus

    Now we will understand how it is necessary to dig up gladioli. For such works suitable dry and sunny day. Digging the bulbs of these plants should be carefully, use a small shovel. She begin to pick up flowers to a considerable depth to prevent damage to the tubers. When you themgladioluspull out, shake off the ground. Carefully remove the roots and leaves from them, leaving 1.5-2 cm stumps on the tubers. Separate and discard the old bulbs and set aside the new bulbs with them.

    Pay attention to the fact that the tubers can not be cleaned from the husk. This should be done only in the spring, just before disembarking. If there are strong damages on the bulbs, then it is better to throw them away right away, because new flowers will not grow from them.If you have a particularly rare variety of gladioli, you can try to save it. Cut off the damaged part of the bulb. Then take brilliant green and brush it with the resulting cut. Then rinse the tuber in a solution of potassium permanganate or boric acid.

    Preparation of gladioli

    Before you send the tubers for the winter stored, they must be thoroughly dried. This is best done in a room that is well ventilated. It should have a temperature in the range of 20-25 ° C. During this time, it is necessary to turn the bulbs regularly and carefully check for rotting and disease, since during this period thrips can appear on the tubers - harmful insects. They must be destroyed. For this you need to putgladiolusthrips bulbs in a plastic bag and pour them with insect repellent. Then the bag is tied and left for 1 hour. After that, the tubers are washed in warm water and re-laid to dry.

    When the bulbs are ready for storage, they will need to be put in a box or linen bag. Then they need to clean in a dry room with a temperature of 5 to 10 degrees.During storage, tubers must be checked from time to time. If some of them start to rot, they will need to be thrown away. If they will be mold, then you need to further dry the tubers.

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