• When to change the oil in the engine?

    Vladimir Doneshko
    Vladimir Doneshko
    December 25, 2012
    When to change the oil in the engine?

    The issue of timely replacement of the oil in the engine of the car is one of the most important for increasing the service life of the engine and its stable operation. There is no unequivocal answer to this question, since the timing of an oil change depends on many factors. In this case, it will not be the best solution to be guided by the recommendations of car manufacturers.


    The times when it was profitable for manufacturers to produce cars that haven't been broken for many decades have passed. In today's market, the manufacturer does not care about the long life of the engine, it is in its interest to ensure stable operation of the engine within the factory warranty. This is beneficial in terms of minimizing warranty service. And at the end of the warranty, the owner of the car after a series of breakdowns should be thinking about purchasing a new vehicle. Therefore, experienced motorists on the question of when to change the engine oil, are advised to do it,focusing on the recommendations of the manufacturers, but reducing the intervals specified in them, depending on the operating conditions and the age of the car. If the operating conditions are severe, then it is recommended to shorten the interval specified by the manufacturer by half. For example, changing the oil and oil filter is not through 10,000 thousand kilometers, but through 5,000. However, if, when checking oil on a thick black oil dipstick, this is another reason to think about its prompt replacement without waiting for any estimated dates.

    Heavy operating conditions

    • Irregular use of the car. During long downtimes, the engine produces condensate, which then mixes with the combustion products of gasoline or diesel fuel, and forms acid, which corrodes the engine from the inside.
    • Constant trips for short distances. When the engine does not have time to fully warm up, problems with condensate reappear.
    • Riding in traffic jams contributes to the constant overheating of the oil in the engine.
    • Poor fuel quality.
    • Riding in polluted and dusty air.
    • Towing a trailer or driving in hilly terrain contributes to the oxidation and thickening of the oil.

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