• When to introduce complementary foods?

    Nastya Sunny
    Nastya Sunny
    February 27, 2013
    When to introduce complementary foods?

    Proper nutrition is very important for the baby of the first year of life. After all, it is from food that a small child gets all the necessary vitamins, elements and substances for growth and normal development. That is why the question of good nutrition must be approached with all the responsibility. Let's figure it out when to introduce feed.

    Suitable age for feeding

    So, when to introduce lure to the child? According to pediatricians, in the first six months of life, an infant receives everything necessary for full development along with mother's milk if he is breastfed. Therefore, it is very important to provide complete nutrition of the nursing mother, rich in vitamins. If the child is n mixed or artificial feeding, he receives the necessary substances as well or only from mixtures that contain them in accordance with the necessary norms.

    Therefore, according to experts, it is not necessary to introduce the first complementary foods earlier than after reaching six months of age.In addition, the body of a child at a younger age still does not produce the necessary enzymes in order to process any other food, except milk.

    Thus, you can begin to enter the first feeding when the child is six months old.

    How to lure a child

    Pediatricians are advised to begin feeding with juices and fruit purees. One of the first is to try the juices and purees of yellow and green colors, namely apple and banana. Why? These food colors are least likely to cause baby allergies. And on the contrary, at first you should not give mashed potatoes and juices from citrus, red and orange flowers.

    When should I offer a baby food

    When it is possible to introduce lure child, day or evening? It is best to offer your baby a new meal during the day, after the first feeding, in return or before the second meal. It is undesirable to do this in the evening, since it is not known what kind of baby will have a reaction to a new product.

    What portion is suitable for the first time

    For the first time, a portion of a new product should be minimal to reduce the risk of a severe negative reaction of the child’s body. For juice - it's two or three drops, for mashed potatoes - at the tip of a teaspoon.You should not dilute the juice or puree with water or milk mixture, it must be given in its pure form undiluted.

    Gradually, the dose can be increased, drop by drop every day. Thus, the amount of juice per day can reach up to 100 ml per day and 50 grams of mashed potatoes, respectively. The number of feedings lure can also be increased up to 2-3 times.

    Caution - Allergies

    Be careful when you offer your child a new product, as it can cause allergies in the baby. It can appear within an hour or two after taking a new product in the form of red spots and pimples on the body, especially on the face and tummy. In this case, you need to stop giving the child this product.

    Be healthy!

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