• When to plant pepper for seedlings in 2018

    Determining the optimal time for planting seeds for seedlings is not easy, because for the appointment of exact dates it is necessary to take into account two factors:

    • the time of planting seedlings to a permanent place;
    • terms of readiness of saplings for "moving" to soil.

    Immediately it is worth noting that pepper is a heat-loving plant, it grows only under the condition that the average air temperature does not fall below 20-22 degrees. If we take, for example, the central part of Russia, then a similar temperature regime is established here in May-June, in more southern regions - in May, and in the north - not earlier than June. Naturally, this is the average, more accurate information every gardener gets empirically, watching and analyzing the weather every year. If you are a novice gardener, then in your case it is better to use the weather archive of your region and calculate the required dates from it.

    As for the growth of seedlings, it is a very slow and lengthy process. Only the germination of pepper seeds takes up to 10-14 days, and the first flowering can be seen a couple of months after germination (by the way, the appearance of flowers is a signal that the plant needs a transplant).From the above, we can conclude, for example, if you can plant peppers in open ground in early June, then, therefore, you should start planting seeds no earlier than the end of the matra (that is, you should subtract the seedling growth time and seed germination).

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