• When you paint on the wall with this mixture, everyone will decide that it is vandalism. But a few days later will not be able to remain indifferent!

    • Anonymous

      Be sure to try))

    • Victor

      Original! Indeed, the neighbors would be surprised.

    • Anonymous

      Hello! The next day, as I read, I tried. I will wait for the result. Be sure to write

    • Anonymous

      ... I only care about: how does it winter? What to do with him next year?

    • Here is sadness !!! We have no moss at all ...

    • Anonymous

      Today with the daughter have drawn. waiting for the result)))

    • garbage (moss does not grow and the wall does not wash

    • https://www.olki.com.ua/Denis

      Very cool

    • Anonymous

      And on metal, I wonder, will this art go on? No brick walls, and the siding does not intend to spoil.

    • About how many wonderful discoveries
      Prepares mind foul hack.

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