• Where are the real men?

    You can even look at friends and it seems that some still live with each other not because of passion, not from this song “I looked back whether it looked back,” but simply out of convenience. It’s not even a relationship, but such a romantic co-working: he is a designer, she is an architect, they do not interfere with each other on weekdays, because everyone works in his computer, and on weekends they decorate their new apartment and watch the boring art house.

    The current men of women are afraid and, no matter how much we stigmatize our society for deaf patriarchality, our men, including on these fears, are slowly learning to respect women's territory and another’s right to privacy, but not by a more delicate approach, but like on the famous poster of the Soviet times with the inscription "Do not fit! Kill! ” Both sexes lose from this passively uncomplicated tactic: men settle on the Internet and still inevitably get fat and swim in the face despite the trend of metrosexuals and slim hipsters,and women find themselves at a crossroads and, as they say, "in misunderstandings": men like no longer are the brazen predators who are dragging any victim into the cave, but still not the intellectual sex symbols that are shown to us in every second HBO series. And the main bummer: they do not meet!

    Where are the real men?

    All forms of "rolls" to the opposite sex, starting from aggressive harassment (by the way, we will not forget that in Europe for this comes prison, while we here decriminalize everything on earth) and ending with a verbal cunning flirt, our men seem not to be interested.

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