• Where can I smoke?

    Natalya Vavilova
    Natalya Vavilova
    April 24, 2013
    Where can I smoke?

    Seasoned smokers are accustomed to get a cigarette, without thinking, in any circumstances of life. But the legislation now strictly controls smoking in public. And it is important to at least know where to smoke, so as not to get into an unpleasant situation.

    Before you smoke, look around. Is there a nearby (less than 15 meters) entrance to a public building, a stop or a playground? If there is - hide a cigarette. In any premises, unless the owner has allocated a place for smoking, smoking is also prohibited. Any room that is designated for smoking should be ventilated.

    It is forbidden to smoke in any public transport, even in trains and airplanes.

    Considering the above, you can smoke only on the street, where there is no public organization, a playground, a beach, or a gas station nearby. You can smoke if in your apartment building places are allocated that are equipped with a special way. And also in specially allocated places on the ships of long voyage.

    Too law-abiding smokers are already thinking, is it possible to smoke at home? Suddenly, the neighbors will call the police, feeling the smell of smoke from the exhaust or examining a cigarette that sticks out of the window? You can breathe freely - at home, with the consent of the household, smoke to health.

    These points and exhausted a short list of places where you can smoke. If it is difficult for you to zealously stick to the rules, it is sufficient to adequately assess the environment. If you are alone and there are no people around, it is unlikely that your smoking will disturb someone.

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