• Where did the bounty shoot?

    Tamara Sidorova
    Tamara Sidorova
    February 15, 2013
    Where did the bounty shoot?

    I saw the advertisement of “Bounty” and immediately wanted to ... No, not to eat a bar, but to get to this paradise island. I wonder where they shot Bounty ads? What do TV people say about this?

    It turns out that there are 12 commercials for this product on Russian television. They are all shot in different places. Namely, on six islands:

    • In Thailand, Koh Samui (coconut plantation) and Phuket (Karon Beach);
    • Dominican Republic - Saona Island;
    • Greece - Crete (Vai beach);
    • The Pacific Ocean, the Cook Islands - the island of Rorotong;
    • Maldives.

    So if there is a desire to get "heavenly pleasure", go ahead, the place is already known.

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