• Where are the games saved?

    Lyubov Polishchuk
    Lyubov Polishchuk
    February 12, 2013
    Where are the games saved?

    We all love to play exciting computer games, but not all of us know where the games are. This also applies to games on the PC, and screenshots and games on Android created for games. But first things first.

    Saving the game on the PC

    Virtually any game “Setup Wizard” saves to the local C drive by default. If you did not change the path when installing a new game, then you should look for the game in the My Computer / Drive C directory, and then either in the Program Files / game folder or in the Documents and Settings / folder with the game.

    Where are the games on Android

    When downloading games on Android, you always need to watch the path, which is indicated immediately, so that you can later find the game. If you missed the installation and did not find the game, discard it again and see the proposed installation path. Most often, the games are saved on the phone's flash drive and they are usually visible in the explorer. However, you can search for installed and downloaded games in the download folder, or by opening the “downloads” option in applications.

    Screenshots taken in the game

    The most common options for action, when saving screenshots to the game, are:

    • Press the Print Screen button.
    • Opening Paint.
    • Pressing Ctrl + V or making the “Edit> Paste” path.
    • After receiving the screenshot, clicking "Save", choose the place where you want to save the image.

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