• Where is Cherepovets?

    Andrey Kim
    Andrey Kim
    March 29, 2015
    Where is Cherepovets?

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    Cherepovets - a large Russian city, belongs to the Vologda region. Cherepovets can boast that it has managed to surpass its administrative center, Vologda, in terms of population level and industrial development.

    And where is Cherepovets?

    Geographical location of the city

    Cherepovets is located in the central part of the East European Plain, in the south-west of the Vologda region not far from the Rybinsk reservoir.

    The exact coordinates of the city - 59about08', 37about,55'.

    Cherepovets is located approximately at the same distance from Moscow and St. Petersburg - 530 kilometers. To Vologda from Cherepovets - 140 km.

    The city stands on three rivers - Sheksna, Yagorba and Serovka.

    The area of ​​the city is 121 km2.

    The population of Cherepovets is 316 thousand people.

    Economy and culture of Cherepovets

    The city has a high level of development, is economically stable, and therefore regularly makes payments to the federal budget and, therefore, makes an important contribution to the development of the country as a whole.

    It is important to note that Cherepovets is distinguished not only by the developed industry, but also by the cultural component. The city has Cherepovets State University. Cherepovets is the only city in Russia that is not an administrative center, but has a classical university.

    Creative teams and sports clubs are actively developed and supported in the city. Many artists and athletes from Cherepovets are widely known outside the Vologda region.

    Various championships and competitions are often held in Cherepovets, and not only regional and all-Russian, but also international ones. Also in the city organized a lot of interesting annual festivals, and therefore, of course, this city is worth a visit.

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